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    2006 LJ top alternator bolt sticking

    Have a co-worker with a 2006 LJ. We're replacing the alternator and the top bolt will back about 1/3 f the way out and then gets the point of I will break it if I try harder. Anyone else heard of this issue? Alt bracket is aluminum and of course it's a steel bolt. We're lubed...
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    AC line condenser to drier 1993 4.0L

    Yes I've searched...far and wide. I've found some sources for the other 3 lines but the line from the condenser to the drier is eluding me...and some MOPAR sources show it as discontinued. Does anyone know where I can find this line? I've been to the JEEPAIR site and other sites like it. Of...
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    The "race" to get sh!t done...

    Whatcha got left to do before coming out this year? We need trailer tires. May need to replace the ignition switch in the MJ. We just order Cal's sliders for his XJ. Rob a bank. Get over the anxiety of NOT rock crawling until then.
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    When are you arriving

    We'll have a group of at least 6 rigs there by Tuesday July 2. We are planning to drop the jeep at the campground around 10AM Tuesday and then go to Kingdom Come State Park until 3-4 when we can check into the cabin. Wednesday we'll be headed out to the train shed and then come back across the...
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    About me: 043500 for Treasurer SEC

    Hello. My name is Jason "043500" Ledford and I am a Jeepaholic. I've accepted the nomination for SEC Treasurer and am running thus far unopposed. I've been on NAXJA since 2002 (if my memory serves) and have had over 8 XJ's and 4 MJ's over the last 20 years. I currently own 4 MJ...
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    Ocala, FL 34470 NEED NP231 back half of case

    I need the back half of an NP231 t-case...just the case itself with the bearing in it for the front output shaft to ride in. I'm in Ocala, FL and need one PDQ. I have tried to order a new one but all seem to be on back order.
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    Need back half of case for NP231

    I need the back half of an NP231 transfer case...the case itself (no tail housing just he big part of the back case) with the front output shaft bearing pressed into it. Does anyone have one that's solid? Thanks
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    Need a rear driveshaft 91-95 AW4/231/8.25

    Need a rear driveshaft from a 91-95 AW4/231 with 8.25 rear end. Anyone have one have one? If yes how much shipped to 34470?
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    AW4 99 trans into 93 jeep

    Before I'm told to search...I have but still have some questions. We are putting a 99 AW4 into a 93 XJ. I know the wiring for the NSS has to be cut and spliced. I also know the VSS now has an ISS and an OSS with 4 pulse per rev vs the older 1 pulse per rev. I read where you can make a new...
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    NP231 reman, new, used ahhhh

    We have the trans and tcase out of the donor rig...99 XJ. When I bought the rig the tcase linkage was not attached but for $400 for a running rig that had axles and trans and tcase it was worth it. I drove it and in 2wd it was quiet. Now it's.out and on the bench and in 2wd when I spin the...
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    99 np231 front output slipping

    Bought a 99 for $400 to use trans, tcase and axles for 4wd swap. Tcase linkage was out of Jeep but in 2 high it drove around and was quiet. Have case out and on bench and when 4wd is engaged (high or low) the front output slips (turning by hand) and when in 2wd and front turned by hand there's...
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    Barb and I posted our pics on facebook (i'll put hers on the Crawl thread) but I'm having trouble with a decent (free??) pic hosting site to be able to post here. I've used flckr a few times but it's tedious and I am dumb so I don't always do it right.
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    So who broke what? I had a torque convertor bolt come loose on the dodge on the way to the Crawl (not the first time). so that got some locktite put on it in my sister's driveway Monday before we left their house in TN. Not a huge issue but could turn into one and makes a hell of a racket with...
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    Weather -predictions-hopes...?

    Well It's been unseasonably cool IMO here in Florida with temps in the low 50's in the mornings and next week one morning at 50 is "planned". Harlan has a chance of snow shower 1 day next week and looks get over 1.5" of rain. I for one hope for no rain, low 80's day time and 50's at night. I...
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    2018 CRAWL to do list

    So we all probably have stuff to do. I have to ...well go. LOL. The MJ has worn out heim joints on the steering so hopefully those will hold up as she's going as is. We do need to try to get Cal's motor swapped into his XJ and then hopefully have a few weeks to drive it so we can decide if...