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    Hesitates and stalls

    Run down. 97 cherokee 4.0 at 44wd. So was out hunting driving through snow and hit a bump in the road and a small ditch on other side hit pretty hard and instantly killed it. Long story short no spark no fuel. Eneded up getting towed home. Unpluged Frank sensor and let sit for a while plugged...
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    Transmission issue

    So I fd up and sunk my 97 cherokee I don't know if it's causing the issue of not but I have changed all fluids and filters and dropped pans and cleaned. But today driving maybe 15 minute trip to pay bills in town and noticed the jeep smoking and engine reved up no go. Pulled over imeadiatly to...
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    Have a 97 xj 4.0 automatic. Jeep was getting hot and overheating. Just re did head gasket was blown between cylinder 3 and 4. Now I have eliminated fan and fan clutch. Has 2 12" electric fans ran off toggle switch. Still got hot. Ordered and installed aluminum 3 core radiator and flow kooler...
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    1998 xj 4 door

    1998 jeep Cherokee 7" lift:) 35x12.5 tires 15x10 black steel fake bead locks Dana 30 front axle 4.56 gears with auburn locker Chrysler 8.25 rear axle with 4.56 gears and auburn locker Has custom made front bumper and roof rack with lights Full size spare on same rim 4.0 inline 6 Automatic Has a...