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    33 Goodyear MTRs

    i have 4 never used MTRs 33/12.50/15 mounted on 15x8 aftermarket aluminum wheels. not sure what brand the wheels are, they say made in USA on the inboard side. they are the old 8 hole style that was pretty popular back in the day. i painted them satin black with wheel paint. actually look pretty...
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    TnT U-Bolt eliminators

    TnT U-Bolt eliminators with 1" lift. bought them to use on an XJ D44 but never got to install them. $65
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    AW4 transmission and NV 242J transfercase

    These came out of my 89 wagoneer. still mated. worked well when removed. still attached to crossmember as well. crank sensor good, shift position sensor good and was cleaned. $100 OBO.
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    TNT U-Bolt eliminators D44

    New never used. $80
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    Long Arm Kit

    I have this long arm kit made by Froehlich suspensions. he uses a solid hex bar which i did not like so i was going to use 2" DOM and 1.5" DOM which i have. the tubing will need to be cut to whatever length you need for your project. i can send pics to show all the parts. here is the link to his...
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    Ruffstuff D-30 Diff cover

    Ruffstuff D-30 diff cover. new, never used, unpainted. 1/2" ring, and 3/8" plate for the rest. these things are beefy. they sell for $121. i am selling it for $85.
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    solid red "Waggy" taillights

    i have three waggoneer taillights. two drivers side one passenger side. good condition. most of the silver trim still on but these are used so normal wear. $40 for all three lights. i can email pics if needed.
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    89 engine trans and transfercase

    Engine came out of a parts jeep with 185k, seems to have a remanufactured head on it. Auto trans and 242 transfer case came from a running jeep. worked good but torque converter clicked. $75.00 for all.
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    Renix engine

    Came out of a parted out 87. have no clue on its history except i was told it ran good. looking at the rear freeze plug there is a button epoxied to it that states "guarantee void if removed" so i am thinking it may be a replacement head or long block. the jeep had 165k on the meter. $75
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    parts train needed

    need to get a gauge cluster and track bar up to Pismo area from north county san diego. anyone making a trip up?
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    Hood fenders, and more

    a few items from an 87 for now. hood is straight but needs paint. $5 fenders are straight and uncut. $5 ECM was my spare worked good. $20 gauge cluster has small crack just below the trip meter dial. $5 track bar unsure of make. i believe it is for a 4-6 inch lift. $5
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    hood and fenders (87)

    hood and front fenders from a white 87 XJ. uncut and in good shape. Hood = $20 Fenders = $20 (pair)
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    Wanted- d30 on the cheap or free.

    I need a d30 to swap out so i can save the high pinion before i get rid of the waggy. any disco's laying around nobody wants? anything as long as it can roll onto a flat bed. bent, tweaked, doesn't matter, just need to bolt up and roll. thanks.
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    personal injury attorney needed.

    anyone in the north county san diego area have a referral? experience with? got rear ended (hard) and totaled out the car.( don't worry, not the jeep.) in pain but not hospitalized. i am being advised to get an attorney. anyone with some good experiences with a good one? Larry H Parker?
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    PM me for details. 800 bucks.