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    Drive shaft too short

    After installing new shims my rear cardan shaft is too short. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess no, but is worth/safe trying to cut the driveshaft down myself, or is this a dangerous balancing nightmare waiting to happen? Local shop is quoting me 190$ to cut and rebalance
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    RE 3.5 leaf pin for shim

    Starting to get some Vibes need to install shims. I contacted Rubicon Express. They say 7/16 pin is what I need. Does this sound right, I've read different? And does anybody know if there is a torque spec for a leaf spring pin?
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    looking for someone in Noco that can scan SRS system with drbIII or equivalent scanner.
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    choosing bolt sizes & strength for uca/lca

    Ive been digging through build variations If I was to do a DIY 3 link long arm. One focal point on my plate is the front d30 UCA mount which normally runs a 7/16 bolt. JJ makes an upgraded 1/2" bolt press in joint which is what I was thinking of adding. In my findings, some vendors kits use...
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    clayton 3 link cross, diy arms/mount?

    figure Ill ask you guys before I find myself in a pickle. Ive been toying with a long arm for a while and thus far. Im kinda liking the idea of something like the Clayton 3 link crossmember and building my own arms for hopefully saving some coin, and something fun to do. the speedbump Im...
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    99 auto airbag light/DRB?

    I've had a random off and on airbag light for quite some time now. The last time I had this issue I replaced my clockspring with a Dorman cruise control equipped unit, and the light went away. Currently my horn works and other than just the random airbaglight, there are no other symptoms common...
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    1999 MOPAR cam position sensor/ pick up coil part#

    guys does mopar still make this part? does anyone have the part number available? thanks
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    Looking to clean up the engine bay wiring a tad. I have military style battery clamps but I want to organize better with power and ground busbars & an alternator anl fuse holder. Thus far I assume the firewall area will be best for the bars, the ANL may need to be closer. I know there's not...
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    Interior LED

    I just put in some led for fun on my 99. I have extra front and rear red dome light bulbs ( not map) and 5 blue gauge bulbs (LEDs) 10$
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    Max is razr?

    Has anyone run these, they are an option for me? I'm on 33s ide like 35s but I don't think I can fit them without more lift/bump/trim on the flat flares. 33 Nittos currently fill the wheel wells substantially. Other options are nitto trail graps or mtr kevs, I've run both and really like both...
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    Baker pass 10/8

    Planning baker pass with a friend tomorrow. Meeting at the gas station below the canyon 1130.
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    99 xj stereo wiring

    Guys years ago my stereo was stolen after it was upgraded. There's a large ground wire going into the xj harness, but the stock stereo worked fine. I don't understand how this is possible? Wheres it grounded then lol? The new stereo has a large yellow wire intended for 12v battery direct/...
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    Devils punchbowl

    A few obstacle here going down from CB. The trail has some seriously tight spots, Maybe 3 wheeling if not, deffinetly scrubbing some areas. Its sized for side by sides or such.
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    ARB solenoid leaking oil

    Just recently my solenoid started leaking oil. I believe it might be diff oil, stinks a little. I haven't used my locker in ages so I find it out that there's oil leaking. I know they can leak when bad, but again it hasn't been used this year. I haven't check my breather tube yet, but I...
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    4.7 stroker, whatchu got?

    I thought itd be fun to see what you all run these days, I'm curious if this is a common motor here. I suppose add anything you can think of worth sharing so far as running a stroker, but this is what I've thought to ask. -What are you getting for hp/tq and to the wheels if you know? .short or...