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    xj parts

    I have a storage unit full of mis jeep xj parts let me know what you need and I will check the list to see if I have it. Sorry on the short notice but wanted to make sure I was going for sure first :) I will be leaving tomorrow morning 4am central time
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    Lots and lots of jeep parts

    I have boxes and bins full of jeep parts along with other larger items like fenders hoods and such. Mainly stock parts nothing aftermarket, let me know what you need and I just might have it :)
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    Lots and lots of jeep parts

    I recently acquired over 50 boxes of jeep parts along with fenders, hoods, grills, and so much more. There is way to much to list so let me know what you need I just might have it :)
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    A few things I have for sale or free to a good home

    Tomken Machine rear bumper with tire carrier. She is old and used but still in good shape just needs a coat of paint. $200.00 obo Stock size rear brand new Rancho shocks $30.00 for the pair Used 4" lift rear shocks. Still in decent shape, free
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    97 xj with running rough

    I am working on a 97 xj 4.0 auto and trying to track down why it has a miss in the engine. I know my way around an xj and this one has me stumped. I have replaced the following: Plugs wires cap rotor TPS IAC MAP CPS CAM ignition coil injectors computer fuel pump I have also taken off the...
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    my parts list for sale

    As always I have too many things to list so if there is something you need it might be in my storage unit. I have lots of 96- headlight bezels, blinkers, side markers, grills, and glass. $100.00 full size truck tow hooks $20.00 Mean Green starter. $100.00 Hitch mount tow hook...
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    4wd Hardware = FAIL

    Twice in the past three weeks with this company I have been burned. First was ordering bushings a few weeks ago and waiting a week for them to process the order, a friggin week to process? Then over a week in shipping they finally get to me. Well the last straw was last week Tuesday I ordered...
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    231 has me stumped, won't go into 4wd

    Ok so after taking my case apart and replacing the oil slinger and pickup I have put everything back together and it shifts perfectly, except for the shifter being in 2wd and the drivetrain in 4wd. The shifter works great and the linkage is fine but when the shifter is in 2wd I am in 4wd. I...
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    Been awhile

    Well it's been awhile since I have been around here so time for an update on the jeep. I got in some good local wheeling this year and had a blast, but the jeep sure doesn't look the same lol. I have named it the raisin after the summer of wheeling left her looking like one. :D First is the...
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    Parting out 98 zj grand cherokee

    I am parting out a 98 zj grand cherokee with a bad 4.0 motor. Good transmission, good 242, transfer case, full leather and power interior. This jeep will be gone by next Sunday so let me know what you need. Tires are 235/75/15 Cooper STT one is brand new the other three are half tread, with...
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    1998 xj front right blinker problem

    So here is what I have, a 98 xj with all working lights and blinkers except for the front passenger side and the directional arrow on the instrument cluster. All the running lights come on but when I go to use the passenger side blinker the taillight blinks normally but the front does nothing...
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    Backfire out exhaust just past idle on a 1998 xj

    This one has me kindof stumped. 1998 Jeep Cherokee 4.0/aw4/231. I picked this jeep up a week ago and have replace quite a few parts and finally got around to trying to fire up the engine. After about 15 long tries it finally started and idled around 800rpm and stays there, but when I go to...
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    Lots of xj parts 97-01, some 96 and down Let me know if you need anything as some parts will be going on ebay and the others to the scrap yard in a week.
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    2000 xj front axle vibration only in 4wd after 4.5" lift instal

    Ok so I installed a 4.5" adjustable short arm lift in my wifes 2000 xj. While I was at it I installed a SYE with a freshly built rear driveshaft. Everything is great until I pull the handle and I get some nasty vibrations out if the front end somewhere. It happens at all speeds. Could this be...
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    Lots of xj parts 97-01, some 96 and down and some cj/yj/tj/jk stuff too!

    Ok this list will grow with time but here is a start to what we have for sale. A few steering columns from 97-01. Complete column, pictured center $50.00 with key, left on picture steering column with steering shaft and switches $25.00, steering column pictured right $15.00. Steering wheel...