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    RC Racing

    I know there's a few cars out there. I've acquired a habit. We needs to race them.
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    live from Attica

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    The VFW

    bring extra shoes. Do not come to the hall with your muddy boots, or I will see to it that you're locked in a small room with a half lit cheeseman after he eats a bunch of nachos.
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    random stuff frmo the basement

    stock 8.8 shafts Mj parts, I don't even know what's down there. if you need something specific I'll look. seats, lots of them, mostly grey. header panels. I've somehow accumulated a few, I think one has all the chrome bits. Various colors. stock steel 16" KJ wheels. Good to get away from...
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    Lenoir NC

    Anyone near there? I need someone to go look at and test drive a car.
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    DIY smoke test

    2001 4.0 AW4 P0455 Gross evap leak. Smells of gas by the tank, especially noticeable after filling. I've rigged up a home made smoke machine. I can pump smoke into the intake manifold, but it doesn't go to the tank. I assume I need to trigger the evap solenoid. the FSM is pretty useless...
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    swap meet?

    Separate forum or just start a thread? I have many parts that needs to go away. My hoarding has gotten excessive as of late.
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    Stolen Boat Chatanooga

    1963 Lone Star 14' Faded blue paint, OH registration number OH 9133 FK Has an Ohio hull ID tag on the transom, and one hidden in the bow, starboard side. contact the police and shortxjdoug if you see it. Stolen an hour ago in Chatanooga by a white Nissan pickup. Was chained to the porch and...
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    key off draw, odd whining noise, dome lights dimly lit

    well, this 97 here is in deed cursed. Key off draw is randomly 4.5A, sometimes less, still always well above the 50 ma level. Weird things HVAC blower occasionally doesn't shut off with the key. Pulling the IOD or Blower fuse will turn it off. Pulling the IOD fuse kills the current draw (and...
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    31's, alloy wheels

    Mismatched 31's. Rears are "thunderers", Fronts are brand new highway/AT style off brand. Wheels are factory 5 spoke alloys. No, I don't know what they're called. They've been painted black by PO. Thunderer tires are very bighorn/mtrish tread. $150. $125 for the red letters. located 44805
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    crap I need

    97 steering wheel with cruise and intact airbag. 97+ rear bumper and end caps. 97+ hitch Tank skid 97+ HVAC blower 97+Exhaust manifold (wheeler may have one)
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    the laundry list

    new to me XJ needs things. hitch front hooks/bumper door check straps late model rear bumper end caps. rear bumper not broken dome light, it's the one with map lights, not a console. I'm sure more to be added. cheap is the name of the game here. This thing is beater winter driver/trail rig...
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    2000 Honda Accord SE

    Runs Drives no warning lights stuff works, even the A/C decent tires with about 15K on them, they got me around last winter fine. I just cleaned the throttle body and IAC. Regasketed all that stuff. Yellow top upgraded cables super bling battery terminals. 210K miles 4cyl/auto 2 grand, or trade...
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    the wienerbox see there. Will be down that way in October. Would deliver for some fuel money to knox/atlanta/charleston area.
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    FS- One wienerbox RV project

    3 grand. I send everything I've gathered home with you. the wienerbox ambulance body spare alternator,starter,ride height valve two mounted spare tires, two good skins. random maintenance stuff. RV conversion bits. 2 step electric steps 12v converter/charger rv toilet sink hot water tank drive...