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    Early XJ seats

    I know that later model XJ's can use ZJ and WJ front seats as an upgrade, but when I searched it was not clear to me if they would bolt up on an early slider. I am trying to find an upgrade for my '91 Laredo. Any help would be great.
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    I was looking through the packet of stuff I got from the previous owner of my 1991 Cherokee when I came across this thing. Anyone know what it is or does? The only unique feature this XJ has is the remote keyless entry, but I don't know if it is related or not.
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    Clunks once in each direction

    When I pull out of my driveway and hit the brakes, it makes a single clunk, and when I go forward and hit the brakes it also has the same clunk, but only once. I will not make the clunk again until I go in the other direction. It sounds like its coming from the passenger side wheel, but you...
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    NP231J into dodge pickup

    I've got my NP231J on craigslist (91 23 spline) and I got a call from a guy wanting it for his dodge pickup. He has a NP231D. I know there are some differences like the tail cone. Anthing else different?
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    Low RPM peak torque

    The peak torque on a renix 4.0 comes in at 2400 RPM and the HO at 4000 RPM. My question is, where does it come from? Is it the head, intake, exhaust, camshaft? obviously it is a combination of factors, but what is the biggest factor? I am using an HO longblock, HO exhaust, with renix...
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    Smaller PS pump pulley from JY

    Anyone know of a smaller than stock power steering pulley that I can get from the JY? This is for my '88(specs in sig). The reason that I am considering doing this is because I swapped in a ZJ box with the tighter ratio and I thought that this would compliment it nicely. I am not having any...
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    98 242 into 91 w/231

    Let's get this out of the way: I seached and seem to suck at it. Please help. Ok now to the tech: I have a 91 XJ aw4 NP231 C8.25. I want to switch to a NP242 and I know it's possible. My question is, can I put one in from a 98 as long as I grab the rear driveshaft? I will grab the shift gate...
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    Renix intake to HO head and exhaust

    I tried searching over the past couple of days and couldn't find much info on this, but I went ahead and did the trial and error work. For the purpose of helping future searchers, here are the details on my latest project. I have been running 98 longblock (HO head) with the renix intake and...
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    Air in rear brake system

    '88 XJ D30/D35, Non-ABS. I am having a problem with my brake hydraulics. Everything is fine at first, then I start to develop air in the system causing a soft pedal. If I just bleed the Right rear line then it is rock hard again for a couple of days, then it develops air again. My question...
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    Distributor advance springs

    Does anyone know where to buy the springs for the centrifugal advance on a prestolite distributor? There is not a vacuum advance, just centrifugal. I am willing to try different curves, but here is what I am shooting for: Engine RPM---- Timing degrees 1000-------------- 6* (starting point, no...
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    What gender is your XJ?

    Me and my wife have had this discussion many times. I say that her's is more of a girly stock rig so it is a she and mine is a little more beat up with a small lift with larger tires so it is a he. Anyway what do you guys think?
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    Poll test

    Blah blah
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    Expansion block

    I know I know, you guys are as tired of A\C questions as much as lift\tire questions, but here we go. In an effort to find out why the A\C in my 88 does not work as well as my 91 I have been comparing the two to see what differences there are. Both have been converted to r134, Both read about...
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    Silla all aluminum radiator from Genesis

    After reading through many threads about radiators, I decided to order a silla all aluminum radiator. The only thing bad that was said about them was the possible shipping damage to the fill neck where the cap attaches. I decided to take my chances and order. Well surprise surprise, it was...
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    Spring clamps\worm clamps

    I recently ordered new radiator hoses and clamps from an online OE parts source. All the parts were the same as original except for the hose clamp where is attaches to the top radiator inlet. Instead of being a spring clamp it supersceded to a worm drive clamp. Anyone know why? I prefer the...