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    Flagstaff/Coconino County Fair Labor Day Weekend

    I'm going to be up at the Coconino County Fair Labor Day weekend and instead of just going to the fair all those days I figured why not finally get my Jeep out and play a little bit? I was wondering if anyone is going to be up that way, live up in that area, or would be willing to come up and...
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    WHeelers for Warriors

    I realize I don't do a lot of posting on this forum but I do read a lot and learn from it. Anyways I think that if I can help get the word out about this fast enough that I will help blow away a couple of people with the turn out to this event. Post up replys soon so that I can start counting...
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    WTB: Door guts

    Alright so my 89 Cherokee has some door guts problems. My front doors when I hit the auto lock switch will lock but the back ones just kind of move a little bit. So I would like to know who has some door guts that will work for me so I can get them working properly again. Also I have no key to...
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    Wanted: Sway Bar drop brackets

    So on my 89 Cherokee I have sway bar end links or extenders that the bushings are screwed up on because of the angle. I, and a friend of mine have come to the conclusion that if I had sway bar drop brackets that,that would solve the problem. I'm low on funds and all as of late so if anyone has...