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    anybody down there know of any rust free xj's for sale?

    My current one is literally coming apart and I am thinking about trying to pick one up from further south. Higher miles is not too big of a deal but a straight body and one that runs good enough to get back to Wisconsin is what I am after. I would prefer a 5 speed '97+ and to keep it under or...
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    won't start, sometimes...

    I have a 1998 cherokee with a 4.0 and an ax-15. Up until last week it has been good to me. We had a huge storm come through and when I went to go to work one day it started idling around 2, 000rpm. It did this for two days, I unplugged the tps and made sure it was dry and added some dielectric...
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    what arms forndrop brackets

    I am planning to put on a set of rough country drop brackets next weekend and am wondering what to do for control arms. Mine are the origionals as far as I know and I will not be using them. Right now I am leaning towards WJ lowers and am not sure what I should do for uppers. What have you used...
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    WTB 2-3" leaf springs

    Is anybody going higher and have some mild lift springs? I currently have an add a leaf and my spring packs are pretty beat up... Does anyone have anything laying around?
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    I am thinking about to stepping up to 33's and want to find an axle to build. I would like one with 4.10 gears, or atleast a 3.73+ carrier, but am not holding my breath. I am a little north of Milwaukee. Let me know what you have.
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    rusty's 6.5" coils/control arms and RE hack n tap

    I was hoping to use these, but plans changed. I picked them up from 85xjwoody a few weeks back. I would like to get $150 for them. I just got a rubicon exress hack n tap from the classifieds. It appears new and has a new hardware kit with the drill bit and tap. I would like $65 for it. I am...
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    WTB 3" lift coils

    I'm looking to lift my front a few inches. I have a set of spacers, but am looking for a little more lift. I would even consider zj v8 coils. Let me know what you've got.
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    I'm gonna go look at a new to me xj

    It is from Wisconsin. It's a '98 4 door 4.0l 5 speed with a little over 200k on it. I am told the rockers are rusty. My current jeep has rust on the top of the windshield that lets water leak in and I would rather not go through all that work just to keep my 4 banger around... Is there anything...
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    shackle and add a leaf

    I have a used 2" full length add a leaf and a 1.5" shackle. I have heard the add a leaf gives a hard ride, would adding the longer shackle help smooth that out? My stock spring pack is flattened out and I am afraid that just the shackle will be too much for it... What are your experiences? Thanks
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    New guy from Milwaukee area

    I have been looking around on here for a few months and figured I'd introduce myself. My name is Matt and I am from just north of Milwaukee. I have a 1996 xj with the 2.5 and a 5 speed. I put a set of 30" bfg's on it and plan to put in the 2" budget boost I have soon. It is my first jeep and a...
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    I have a '96 with the 2.5l motor and a 5 speed. I just had a minor surgery and will be out of work for a few weeks so I'm going to adress some things now. After letting the jeep warm up and driving it a ways the powersteering pump whine's pretty loudly. Last summer I replaced the fluid in it...
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    2.5l to 4.0l swap

    I have a really clean 1996 cherokee that has a 2.5l and 5 speed. I know most guys say sell it and buy one with the 4.0 but rust free cherokees are pretty rare in Wisconsin. Plus mine has the 4:10 axles already. I have a 99 4.0 with a wiring harness from an xj with an auto tranny. I am rebuilding...
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    WTB: ax-15

    My dad is looking to replace the peugot in his yj. He lost reverse a few weeks ago and can't seem to find one within a few hundred miles of Milwaukee. Anyone have one laying around or know where to find one? He is really hoping to find one with the external slave. Thanks
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    anybody wheeling with a 2.5l four banger?

    I have one and am looking at going a little bigger with the tires. I was wondering who has one and what you've done to it/with it. Mines running strong and I'm thinking about a mild lift and 31's...
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    stuck caliper=wobble?

    Today I was about 20 miles from home and got a pretty decent wobble from 55-60ish. It was fine for like 30 miles, then I hit the brakes kinnda hard to make sure I was stopped at a light. When I got back up to speed it was wobbling pretty good. I could smell something getting hot/burnt and took a...