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    fender flare question???????

    Does anyone know where I can buy (besides a upull) all 4 fender flares and brackets? the 1999 body style
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    super ride lift question

    I was looking at the rubicon express 3.5" super ride lift with full leaf pack, on quadratc it says it fits the dana 35 axle but i have the chrylser 8.25, will this lift still fit?
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    Zombie escape vehicle

    I am rebuilding my jeep to be my ZOMBIE ESCAPE VEHICLE or zev if you will. I need some ideas on what a jeep of that purpose would need to have, Im thinking a full role cage but thats as far as I have gotten any ideas would be great!
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    Good friends+good intentions-mechanical know how=a cold drive to school

    Let me start by saying I have some of the best friends in the world and while I was in Chicago this weekend they decided to rip my DD 98 4 door classic apart and detail the interior. I was super happy it looks showroom new except.....none of my climate controls work now. Blower used to only...
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    Neutral safety switch ?

    Sorry its late I had to put that as a title. But on a serious note my NNS (neutral safety switch) seems to have gone bad does anyone know where to get one and not pay $300.00. around the Detroit MI area.
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    I now owe my GF my life

    Back in March I had to sell my 98 XJ and had to buy a vehicle better on gas. I kept seeing my jeep around and it broke my heart every time. But today when I got home guess what was in my driveway, thats right my baby was home. My girlfriend of two years bought my jeep back for me without any...
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    left or right thread

    Hey guys another serp belt question, Im trying to loosen the tension pully nut and need to know if it is just super super tight or is it a left hand thread?
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    Different year axle, different type u joint?

    I have a 1998 classic, but I crashed it a few weeks after getting it, the repair shop put an 80's something front axle under it, and now its time to replace the passenger side u joint. My question is, is there a difference in the u joints that would go on the passenger side for different year...
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    front passenger U joint strange nut thingy

    Trying to replace my front passenger U joint I take the wheel off and there is a strange nut on there its large and is star shaped anyone know what this is called, or where I could get a socket for this?
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    spark my fire

    What kind of plugs and wires do you run in you xj, I am gettting mixed answers from everyone dont use bosch motorcraft or autolite, then all I sould use is motorcraft, so I need some more opinions please
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    Time Sensitive Need help!!!!!!!

    Last week I parked my 98 classic cause the front passenger u joint is bad, but my backup car broke and I had to drive my xj, I started it and the belt usually squeels for a few seconds but this time it would not stop had to drive to work with a squeeky belt, then I started it up to leave no...
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    I don't even know how to describe this

    Okay this just started recently but at about fifty mph there is a strange noise, it almost sounds like somethings grinding, but its a soft grid and it only seems to be around that speed or higher. I know I need a new u joint for the front passenger side I was wondering if that could be it...
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    power steering pump

    not including price for parts what would it cost to have a powere steering pump replaced?
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    air intakes

    I am looking to buy an air intake and I was wondering which one people have had good luck with, also if there was any improvment in power, gas milage, sound, ect?
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    Rear ends

    Ok I have a 98 xj classic with a c8.25 rear end, and my question is did this model come with possie trac, or factory locker or anything like that?