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    LKQ trip

    Looking to do an LKQ trip to Durham, is it worth the trip? Just need a few small parts nothing major, mostly electrical crap for the door and heater blower control.
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    German Jeepers?

    Anyone out there in Germany? Ramstein/Kaiserslautern area?
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    Diesel XJ's in the US?

    Does anyone know if Jeep ever imported Diesel XJ's into the US? Looking at getting one while i am stationed here (Germany) and bringing it back. I have my eyes on a 98 4.0 right now. But if i can swag it with the wife, i want a toy as well. :wave:
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    No Spark

    No spark and plugs or coil. Going to grab a new CPS today anything else that might cause this? Already checked the FAQ just asking the peanut gallery for any opinion. '89 4.0 AX-15 NP231, didnt have the issue till i dropped the tranny to change the clutch. I am getting ready to Move back to...
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    87 XJ for sale

    87 XJ Stocker, 4.o,5spd, 2door, rhino lined floor, rplaced power steering, water pump, and thermostat, runs good. dana 44 in rear limited slip, dana 30 front, brand new battery. Hole in muffler, heat inop, fuel gauge inop. $1500 or best offer. (not my jeep, buddy is selling but shoot any...
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    Ok Guys, This is how it happens. When Taking off from a dead stop, I have a clunk sound (possibly front drive shaft), only happens when i take off and then one more clunk when I shift from 1st to 2nd. Shifting in all other sound. I got under the heep and played with the fronst...
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    I am a gross polluter!!

    Failed smog today, well, half of smog. Passed at 25 MPH failed at 15. By almost 3 times the allowable limit. New filter is in, have new pugs, gonna check all my vacuam lines and the exhaust. Anything else I should take a look at?:repair:
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    Has anyone done business with this company before? They are located in Placerville, only about an hour and a half away from me. Wondering if its worth the trip. :fuse:
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    Wiper Motor?

    Wiper gets stops at the top of its wipe. Checked the hard to find 4.8 Amp Curcuit breaker its good as far as I can tell, gettin power everywhere. Just want advice before i start to pull the cowl off and rip the motor out.
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    Newest Member

    Just an Update. a New little jeeper has arrived Sunday Morning at 0855 weighing in at 8.5 Lbs and 21 inches long. Baby Girl named Peyton Michelle Abbott, both Mom and Baby are doing great. Daddy is just tired.
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    Stupid question

    Are the seat Brackets for all cherokees they same? MY OIC just bought a 99 XJ and her drivers side seat is wont slide or do anything. She found one at PnP but because it was a different year she didnt get it. Any help?
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    Clutch Help!!

    Problem is as follows.... No pressure in clutch pedal, goes straight to the floor Leaking fluid everywhere. after three or four pumps resevoir is empty Havent taken anything apart yet, but the lines form the slave cylinder move way to much for comfort. SO That what i am thinbking. any other...
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    Bob's Place?

    Has anyone been out to Bobs place recently? Off of Pleasent Vally Road? I saw a post about doing something out there and wanna do a run, but Being as I have never been there I would like some trail help so I dont totally thrash the rig. I have two Airmen who wanna go to, one with a Wrangler, the...
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    P-n-P 2

    Alright Yall, doing a second Pic and pull run on Friday. This time I am using some thought process that i have left and bringing more tools then my damn leathermen. Anything yall need me to look for?:eyes:
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    P-n-P run..

    Doin a Pick and pull run (Fairfield) on Friday. Anybody need me to look for anything?