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    WTS: 4.2 crankshaft

    4 counterweight. Needs to be ground, IIRC it'll have to go to -.010 $100. Located in Farmington, CT ~Alex
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    2 x 6 x 1/8 Steel box for rockers

    Two six foot lengths. long story, but I ended up buying a 24 foot stick of this when I did my rockers and have two 6' sticks left. $120 for the pair FYI: My rockers ended up being 63" long Location: Bethlehem, CT -Alex
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    WJ and XJ seats for sale

    Old style XJ with the flat floor, 95 and earlier $20 These are clean and comfy, they don't fit my XJ and I want em out of my house. WJ full power seats, all motors work $75 or best. If you have a set of manual WJ seats I'll trade for them. Location: Bethlehem, CT
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    Who makes front seat crossmember replacements?

    I'm replacing the floors in my 96&3/4 (its a 96 style but with some 97 stuff thrown into the mix from the factory) and the front seat crossmembers are shot. I did some searching online with no luck, a call to my dealership and they said that part number has been discontinued. I know I could...
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    Wanted: 4.0 block, any condition

    I'm looking for a 4.0 block, the more broken and cheaper the better, as long as it still has all of its main caps. Its going to be used to true up a main hone mandrel. Oakville, CT ~Alex
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    Wilwood rear brakes, prop valve and some issues.

    I made a Wilwood rear disk kit work on my Ford 8.8 rear with an Alloy Super88 Kit and added a Wilwood adjustable proportioning valve in place of the factory prop valve. I also added a 3500 van master cylinder. Mistake #1, but that is now in my brother's big stoopid build. Here are the part...
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    Which format CD do I need?

    I haven't had any luck burning a CD for my 01 with a stock radio in it that will actually read and play in the Jeep. Does it need a certain format or writing program? -Alex
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    AX15 from a 4.2 to a 4.0?

    I can pick up an AX15 (free) that is mated to a 4.2 from what is most likely a YJ. Will it bolt up to the bell housing for an external slave bell housing and to a 96 4.0 block? From what I've seen it should be good to go, can anybody confirm that? ~Alex Yes, crank and rods are being pulled...
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    What to use on new floors?

    This "pending" project of mine got a heavy boot in the rear when I almost lit it on fire one night. The carpet ended up touching the exhaust and it actually started to char it. I started replacing the floors in my DD and I'm just about done with the passenger side and my brother is doing some...
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    Electrical issues in my buddy's XJ

    2001 4.0L Automatic When the key is turned to the run position from off the ASD relay, the AC clutch relay and the electric fan kick on and off until the key is turned off. It cycles about every 1-2 seconds. On some left turns the gauge cluster will loose signal and all gauges drop to 0 and...
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    Feeler: 1996 VW TDI engine for engine swap

    This is the engine, flywheel, wiring harness and silver ECU out a 1996 B4, my first TDI. I was going to rebuild this for the car, but ended up parting the car out and planned on using it for a TDI swap. After that my brother got hit by a dump truck so I ended up with a 2003 ALH, harness and ECU...
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    Shed clean out. Tire, seats, radiator and more

    JCR one ton OTK new in shrinkwrap. My brother picked it up for me but I'm slowly gathering parts for WJ parts. $300 31x10.5 R15 BFG MT mounted on an AR Outlaw wheel. No dry rot, never run, this was a spare I had while I was on 31's. $100 Pair of like new front seats I picked up for my 96...
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    Performance 4.0 build

    So I picked up another XJ a month or so ago that needed a new head, its an 01 and the head was not repairable. I had planed on just doing a quick head swap, but the more I looked the less I liked so out came the engine. The cam was starting to wear, rings were shot, expansion plugs were...
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    WTB: AX-15, bell housing and flywheel.

    Like the title says, bell housing, flywheel and tranny. What do you have? ~Alex
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    97 TDI and a Snap-on MIG welder

    1997 VW TDI with 330K miles on the clock... Barley broken in :D with a jump start it will fire right up. I picked it up off of the original owner. The car could probably be turned into a daily driver if you don't mind the look or smell of a "B4" style passat (every one i've ever been around...