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    1995 XJ For Sale

    Up for sale is my 95 4door with 180 on the clock front Full size 44 fully built Air locker Nitro Axles all new bearings seals and balljoints Reid racing knuckle and a Full Psc Hydro Assist kit.Rear is A ford 9 with a Currie High pinnon and Currie Axles. Both front and rear axles are trussed and...
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    looking for a NV2410R

    Hey whats up guys im looking for a Rubicon transfur case if anyone has one or knows somebody thats dose hit me up thanks
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    wtb hood vents

    Looking to buy some hood vents if anybodys got some for sale let me know
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    Nitro Axles

    Im and going to be getting some axles for the front . Wanted to know if anybody has used the Nitro Axles and what they think of them . Im running A full size 44 and 36 inch tire if it matters thanks
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    Hydro Assist

    So im thinking about buying the Psc Hydro Assist kit if I dont do that I was thinking about Doing the pump kit and the extreme box what do you guys think whats the ups and downs of the hydro and what will it be like driving it on the street I have a full size 44 running a reid racing knuckle and...
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    Whats better

    So i have a crawler i want to build another one to go fast whats better 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive 4 door or 2 door
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    front end

    so i just finished up my lift took it down the street everything was fine untill i hit a good size bump then the streering wheel and front end started shakeing really bad couldnt stop it untill i almost came to a complete stop i start going again and its fine untill i hit a big bump and it...
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    MX 6 shocks

    I have 2 12 inch MX 6 shocks and 2 10 inch Brand New just used for Mock up I bought them befor i got my lift and installed my lift and they are to long so my loss your gain $350 bucks and there all yours
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    Wtb stock rear tj coils

    Looking for some stock rear tj coils for my rear coil conversion the newer the better anybody knows where i can pick some up give me a shout thanks
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    rock krawler rear coil conversion

    Does any one have pics of there rear install of rock krawler rear coil conversion im having troulble geting the rear axle lined up correctly any pics and some install advice would be great another thing my rear axle is a ford 9 not the stck 35 thanks
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    New motor mounts

    So i need new motor mounts and dont know who to go with Brown dog offroad or the More bomb proof mounts what do you guys think some imput would be nice
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    Dum ?

    Im trying to find out the lug nut size for a dana 44 and a ford 9 any help would be great thanks
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    Super swamper irok

    So i went to 4wheel parts today to order a set of 35-12.50-15 ltbs come to find out there on back order tell march 2010 . So my next tire in line is the Irok what do you guys think about running a 36-13.50 15 on a 15x9 rim any input would be great thanks
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    Best Coil spring

    In your guys mind who do you think make the best coil spring I ordered the RK 6.5 coil conv and i need to buy some springs for the rear let me know your guys input on springs keep in mind i live in az and all it will see is pretty much rocks and some highway tanks for input
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    My bumper

    Built a front bumper this weekend what do you think