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    wheelin sometime between Oct 10-16. input?

    Since Moab went down the shitter for my crew. who wants to wheel between oct 10 n 16? I'm off all week. I wanna go for a few days. Bvflorence? Table mesa? Payette? Anyone down for going up to the cracks or want to go run the Chile trails in cruices? Who wants to wheel? Majority will decide. Our...
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    30+ ft goose

    Ok...finally lookin like this can happen! Startin to look for a 30+ foot gooseneck flatbed for my hillbilly hauler setup! Ive got a few trailers in mind...but if anyone has a line on one let me know! Thanks!
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    88xj project/parts/231/300 b4r doubler

    Well after alot of thinking and bellyaching and deciding that building a 3rd rig is probably a bad idea...i have decided to turd can my xj project. Ill either sellit whole or part it out. Buy the whole lot and you get a pretty damn good deal. The rig is an 88 2 door. 4.0/aw4/231-300 box for...
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    Hey folks...tryin to get a crew together that will commit to head to moab either aug, sept, or oct? Maybe august 15-21, sept 12-18, or oct 10-16? Dates are pretty damn flexible. Or if you already have a group goin and wouldnt mind some tag alongs. I have a 4 linked, dual cased toy on 39s, and...
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    6-29 payette draw beat the heat

    We are gonna head up to payson to play at payette draw for a few days. Leavin saturday the 29th stayin til tuesday the 2nd. If anyone would like to go. More the merrier! Nothin like some beautiful campin and good wheelin!
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    chiva falls april 20

    We are gonna head out to chiva for the day saturday. Might hit up chimney depending on the turnout. Who wants to wheel!?
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    hp44/9" or dana 300

    Lookin for a ford hp44 and 9" to go under my buddies xj. Or a dana 300 tcase so he can run toy axles...if yall see anything. Thanks!
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    payette 10/13

    I know its the same time as the 4wp customer appreciation day...but if your not into all that jazz, we are puttin together a little tripe to payette october 11-14...everyone is welcome. Wed be happy to see ya there. Ive never been before so it should be a good time.
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    moab run september/october

    Ok guys n birthday is at the end of september...i like to treat myself to something nice. So i want to get some people together and run away to moab for a few days. Im leavin it suuuuper open. Any time between september 6 to the 26. Or october 4 to the 24. Any of them days...however...
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    fs-20" rigid industries combo led lightbar

    I have a 20" rigid industries combo spot flood light bar id like to sell...does not fit on my new dodge the way i thought it id rather just sell it and find something that will work how i want instead of cutting up the truck to make it work. The light is badass can signal...
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    wanted: waste rock

    Does anyone have any idea where i might be able to get a semi load of waste 1ft plus diameter just normal ugly rocks. or even busted up concrete of good size? I have like 2 acres that is the front of my property that my shop sits on...would be fun when i have buddies over workin...
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    storage drawers/cabinets

    Any of you tucson or phx guys have a source for some good storage cabinets or big drawers? Going to be outfitting my home shop and want to build work benches with built in cabinet type storage. Some cabinets. Some drawers etc. Lookin for somethin fairly inexpensive. Any other ideas?
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    wanted: 2 post lift/ nut n bolt bin

    Alright folks...finally closing on my house and going to be setting up my shop. Ive got a 30x40 steel shop. First priority is a lift, then outfitting it from there... if anyone has a line on a nice 2 post top beam lift(other then the ones on clist, or if yours is on clist lemme know). Also...
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    WTB 38-40 inch spare

    Well ive decided if im gonna pack a spare tire along...that it should hold does anyone have a nice worn out 38-40ish inch spare tire theyd wanna sell or give away? Only requires that it holds air. Bonus would be if its for a 15" wheel.
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    chevy lift kit

    II know this is naxja...but I have a never installed 6" all leaf spring(no block) lift for late model blazer/pickups. These have never had a bolt thru em. Includes front springs, rear springs(has overload spring and degree shim included in the leaf pack), lift pitman arm(curved style), all the...