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    Renix engine, Header panel, gas tank and radiator, back storage box

    All from a 90xj. Ran well when scrapped. Scrapped due to body damage and rust. Houston area. Renix engine runs well ecu harness and gauges over 220,000. Was from a manual. $400 AX15 4x4 internal slave with flywheel and clutch not transfer case. Shifts well. $400 Closed circuit/renix...
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    Official NOT ROM thread

    Dates: April 21-23 Location: Hidden Falls Fees: $30 for the event and that includes a shirt and dinner Saturday. $25 for an extra shirt $5 for an extra dinner. PayPal available now, use Please include shirt size...
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    Unofficial ROM 2017

    So being the end of February, should look into RoM or RoApril based on opinion. Is March or April better? Who is interested? Where? Barnwell? HF? Arkansas? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What you learned and pictures

    I learned throwing rocks at Will is just not worth it and put your rain fly on no matter what weather you expect.
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    Arrival times

    I plan on leaving Surfside around 5am, stopping in round rock dor breakfast and parts. I a perfect world hidden falls by 10, but with a wife, dog, 2 kids, and a trailer.....maybe noon. Probably wont leave till late Sunday, we are spending the night and next day in the lake travis area. To...
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    2016 ROM

    Dates: March 18-20 Location: Hidden Falls Fees: $30 for the event and that includes a shirt and dinner Saturday. $25 for an extra shirt $5 for an extra dinner. RRC and National will be paying for 2 nights primitive camping for all paid...
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    ROM 2016 Semi-Official thread

    With ROM coming up, your lovely board has decided to go to Hidden Falls this year. (With plans for Barnwell in October.) The first big question is date. March 18-20 or 25-27. Keeping in mind the 25-27 is Easter weekend. Please vote in the poll. Brady says he is making "some food" Saturday...
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    2016 ROM

    So, what weekend and where Date 19th? Or 26(which is easter)? Barnwell or HF seems to be the feeling in the old thread. Dates don't matter to me, I know Brady has a restricted schedule. I'd prefer HF then October in Barnwell maybe. If you guys say so I will try to get the ball rolling on...
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    Merry Christmas

    Who's tree had parts or tools under it?
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    WTB dana 35 lunchbox locker on the cheap

    Like the title says, cheap dana 35 lunchbox locker. 2092519592
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    WTB Dana 35 lunchbox locker

    Looking for a dana 35 lunchbox locker on the cheap. I need it for my new axle and military 37s. 209-251-9592
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    RRC treasurer election

    Please vote for your treasurer.
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    RRC VP elcection

    Please vote for your Vice-President.
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    RRC President election

    Please Vote for your President.
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    2015 Elections

    As taking right from our by-laws....... ELECTED RED RIVER CHAPTER OFFICERS AND ADOPTION OF BYLAWS OFFICERS * Each office shall be held for a term of 2 years. Appointments, delegates and committee positions may be held by any member, whether an officer or not. * Each BOD member will...