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    Let's Go Wheelin'

    Anyone up to go 4 wheeling within the next month? I'm anxious to get XJ out for a shakedown run.
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    Where'd all the threads go?

    Didn't we have a "Weekend is Over-What did you get done" thread on here somewhere?
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    For Sale: Bumper Builder Brackets

    I decided to go a different direction with my bumper. I bought one. I'm selling my Dirtbound Offroad Bumper Builder Brackets. I'll let them go for $40. I paid $55 for them. Perfect for anyone wanting to build their own bumper and not worry about fabbing the frame brackets.
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    Wanted: Your Scraps

    I'm looking for scrap metal: plate, sheet, square tube, hitches... If you have scrap metal you don't need anymore... let me know what you have. I'd like to build something... and I need metal. I live around Nashville.
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    Blue Holler Offroad Park

    Anyone been out to Blue Holler in Mammoth Cave KY? It looks like it opened up last year and already has a ton of good reviews on Facebook. My Jeep should be ready to hit the trails in about 3 weeks. I'd be interested in checking this place out.
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    Make America Jeep Again. Bosco01XJ About Me

    I won't go into my entire Jeep backstory but I will say I have been an avid XJ enthusiast since 2004. A lot has happened since those High School days. I graduated (2004), went to college (2008), received my MBA (2015) I married my sweetheart (2011), had kids (2014, 2016), parted with Annie...
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    Wanted: Caster adjustment shoe/clevis

    Does anyone have the lower control arm caster adjustment shoe readily available? I boogered one up last night. I wanted to check here first before heading to a junkyard.
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    Truck Night in America is Casting for Season 2

    I don't know if anyone has watched this show, but it's interesting and if you have a well built rig, I'd say you have a chance of making it on the show.
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    Wheels Studs

    I have a pack of 5 wheel studs for sale. Never opened. They did not work for my application but may work for yours. 1/2-20 2.25 inches long .619 knurl $5 bucks plus shipping and they're yours. Even better deal - No shipping if local. :wierd:
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    Wingnutooa, You Will Be Missed

    Joe was 36. He was a great friend that would drop anything to help anyone in need. He will be greatly missed. [/URL]
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    Wrenchfest or Easter Meet and Greet

    It's been a long time since I've been to a wrenchfest or meet and greet. We used to have an annual Easter Meet in Murfreesboro. Anyone up for that this year? Maybe the weekend before or after? Anyone planning on wrenching on anything soon? Hopefully I'll be able to start my build in the spring...
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    XJ Trailer Hitch For Sale $60

    I have a receiver I pulled off my XJ last night. I'll let it go for $60 OBO. I can meet most anywhere in middle TN as long as it's not too far to offset this price. If no one picks it up, I'll probably use it to practice welding. It's in good shape.
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    Looking to get back in...

    I've been absent from NAXJA for a while. With two kids, a new house, and a new job at the time, I didn't have the time to wheel my XJ anymore. It stayed parked in the driveway. I'd drive it around town some but eventually sold it almost three years ago. I'm now looking to get back in. My son...
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    Goodbye Jeep, Hello Toyota

    It sure has been a while since I've been on here. I was a loyal XJ guy for some time. Now, I'm a Tacoma guy.
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    Naxja Logo Web Page - 15 years?

    As NAXJA was established in 1999, this club is now 17 years old. The logo at the top of the page promotes 15 years and has done so since 2014. Isn't it time to update that graphic?