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    AW4 Transmission

    Selling my spare transmission. AW4 auto transmission. Came out of an '89 4x4. Works with no issues or no leaks. $100.00 949-486-9777
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    Confer Roof Rack

    For Sale: Confer Roof rack with optional tire mount (5x4.5). 4 gutter mounts and hardware. $200.00 OBO Brandon 949-486-9777
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    XJ '89 AW4 & (x2) '89 242J TCase, Tire

    Cleaning out the garage and projects: For Sale: * AW4 - 1989 4x4 with 150,XXX miles $100 obo * 242J - 1989 Transfer Case (1 w/ 150,XXX & 1 w/ 190,XXX miles) $100 each obo * BFG KM2 - 33x12.5x15 - Less then 2 years old w/ 40-60% tread, it has un eaven tire wear. $120 * HD Rear Bumper/Tire...
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    WTB 1996 XJ 4x4 Auto

    Looking to buy a 1996 Cherokee / XJ. Mainly looking at a stock or semi stock, low mileage (Between 90K and 180K max), and automatic trans with preferably the 231 transfer case. Let me know fellow jeepers if you know anyone selling or thinking of selling. Cash, no trades. Thanks
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    Looking for a H.O.

    Looking for a stock XJ, preferably a '91+ HO, Thanks
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    FS: XJ Coils 4.5" of lift

    Used XJ Coils for sale: I bought them used. The pair was one year old when i bought them last year from a friend, and i put about 2,000 miles on them. I don't think they have more then 5,000 miles on them. The pair is in great shape and the powder coat is good. I was told they are 4.5"...
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    WTB: Stock ZJ Pitman Arm

    I need a stock ZJ pitman arm or a 1-2" drop aftermarket one for an XJ. I'd appreciate it if someone has one to let it go for some $. Save me a trip to the junkyard. Thx
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    WW2 Jeep engine powered generator

    My Uncle is selling this from his company. Wanted to help him out so i thought posting it here might help a little.
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    Insert lockder question.

    New at this. If i take out my axle carrier in my dana 30 and install a Spartan insert locker do i need to rear set the backlash when i install the carrier? I already have a Detroit Ez insert locker inside that has failed... so i am just swapping out the locker for a new one. This will be my...
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    Need drums for Dana44 5x5.5

    Any one have (2) brake drums for a dana 44 5x5.5? (ZJ-Grand cherokee 93-98 i believe works) Thanks
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    XJ Parts

    Cleaning out garage. 1) ZJ Steering (Tie rod and Drag link) w/aftermarket steering stabilizer w/ Hardware $40 2) Dana 30 Diff cover guard w/ hardware $20 3) Stock Dana 30 and Dana 44 diff cover $10 each (or $15 both) 4) High Lift Jack $20 5) Front stock factory skid plate w/ hardware. Came off...
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    Gear oil Capacity in Dana 30/44

    I have the Solid Axle diff covers for both the Dana 30 and Dana 44. Does anyone know the amount of fluid i should put in these axles? I was told 1.5 quarts for the Dana 30 and i read 2.5 quarts for the Dana 44. Is this correct? What worked for you? Thank you, Brandon.
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    Tune up question

    Does a cap, rotor, plugs, and wires fit all year XJ? I have an 89 XJ and want to know if a 96 tune up kit will work for my renix engine? Thanks, Brandon
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    WTB Front Extended Brake Line

    So on Friday i noticed i ripped my driver side S.S. braided brake line from the last trip I was on. Before i buy a new set does anyone have a spare front extended line for a 4-6 inch lift? Thanks
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    Another Big Bear Run (9-23-12)

    FYI: One month from now a group of XJs are planning a run in Big Bear Sunday September 23. Meet up at 8 and hit the trail by 8:30. Post up if you can come or want to come. I will post direction on where everyone is meeting when it gets finalized. This will be an easy to moderate trail run. I...