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    WJ Knuckles / Brakes on JK44?

    Like the title says. If I were to source a bare JK44 front axle, either secondhand or buy new from one of the aftermarket outfits, will the WJ stuff fit? Knuckles, Hubs, Rotors, etc.?
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    So, we ran Smasher trail near Cottonwood, AZ. Here are some of the pics my son and I took. He's 14 and I let him drive about half the time. He's been wheeling with me since he was about 7 and he loves it.
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    Relays and heat ?

    So awhile back I installed a couple of LED light bars. They came with a harness / relay which I used all except for the switches because I wanted to use the Carling style instead of just a toggle. I installed the relays underhood, which I assumed is pretty common. Awhile back I turned the...
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    Dirtbound DIY rear bumper - little help please

    N/M. Got it.
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    Detours Tailbone F/S $275

    I'm getting ready to build a Dirtbound Offoad DIY rear bumper / tire carrier so the Tailbone has to go. The Tailbone has been a nice setup, but provides no corner protection since it utilizes the stock bumper skin and plastic end caps. Still installed on my rig, but I will remove soon. Here's a...
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    Did I screw up by installing Johnny Joints with radius arm setup?

    Here's the scoop. I installed a TNT radius arm setup about a year ago. Did not replace the 15 year old stock UCA bushings at that time. Noticed a couple months ago they were shot so I thought I'd upgrade to Johnny Joints instead. Seemed like a no brainer. I have not wheeled it yet, but ran...
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    TM on Sunday 2/16?

    Anybody want to get out and wheel something at TM on Sunday morning? Looking at something moderate, LT, UT, Predator or ?? It's been awhile . . .
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    Truss install

    Would I be nuts to try and MIG weld my front TNT truss on without removing the axle from the vehicle? Seems like it would not be a big deal and would save the work of removing all the steering, brake lines, etc. Just remove the upper radius arms, cut the mounts off, grind everything clean and...
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    TM 9/14

    I took very few pictures but did get some vid. Here are a couple from Saturday. Stuff that shoulda been easy gave us some grief. I have more vid but haven't taken time to edit yet. Maybe Kraker, Dave, Andrew, etc. can post up some pics.
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    RE 3.5 Superflex kit F/S

    I have my old lift kit for sale. All in good condition. Package deal $500. Includes the following: RE 1463 3.5" rear leaf packs RE 1300 3.5" front coils RE 1600 adjustable track bar w/modified stock mount RE 3700 fixed length lower control arms 4 shocks (generic white) 2" front bump stops...
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    FS: 5 16x8 Moabs w/32" KM2's

    I have 5 16x8 TJ "Moab" wheels with 265/75-16 BFG KM2's off my XJ. About 80% tread left. Some chunking on outside lugs from being in the rocks. All 5 wheels have some rock rash so if you're looking for some perfect wheels for mall crawling, these aren't them. Asking $800 for the set of 5...
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    I need a stock battery tray for my '98.

    Anybody have one? I'm on the westside. Thanks
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    Props to TNT Customs

    <!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> I ordered my TNT long arm kit a few weeks back. Everything arrived within a few days. Last weekend I mocked it up on the floor of my garage and noticed two of the crush sleeves appeared to be the wrong length. Called them on Monday morning to advise /...