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    WTB XJ Wheels

    Anyone have some of the decent looking 5 spokes they want to unload? Just picked up a stock 2001 with some ugly stock steelies.
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    WTB: Trail Ready XJ

    Got a buddy in the market for one, working with a $2k budget. Looking for mainly a trail rig that can be driven on the road if need be, open to years and mods. Shoot me a PM or text ! 812-841-3699
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    WTB: 97-01 Taillights

    Need a pair, both of mine are busted :yelclap: I can get a new set off eBay for $57, just figured I'd check and see if anyone had some they want to unload at WF.
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    WTB: Stock XJ wheels/tires

    I picked up a cheap 96 off my brother in law, tires are shot and it has the ugly ass snowflake looking things on it lol.. I wouldnt mind throwing something better looking on it if its cheap enough. I only paid $500 for the thing, so I don't want to spend much honestly. If I have to I'll settle...
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    18" JK wheels and tires anyone?

    Got these things for sale, price discounted for NAXJA members obviously.
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    WTB: '98 Driver Side Taillight

    Went through most of the threads but didn't see any, anyone have one they want to bring to WF and sell me?
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    Cherokee Crawl anyone?

    Just looking to see if any of my MWC folks that might be going would be interested in splitting a cabin? This would be for Friday and Saturday night. I am bringing one guy with me who's willing to pay his part. Long story short, all cabins are currently booked. I called to be put on a waiting...
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    Event Info

    Is this ran similar to Winterfest? As in guided group runs and a dinner/raffle Saturday night? I wasn't sure how the turnout is, I'm assuming its quite a bit smaller.
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    Winterfest Multimedia thread

    Nobody has started this yet?? Is it because everything is pretty much dumped on Facebook now? I was in the drivers seat all day so I didnt get a chance to take any really. Edit: Shit, totally didn't see the Pics thread where he posted a couple already lol
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    Brown Dog motor mounts

    Those of you that have these are you using the polyurethane bushings or the "ultra flex" rubber bushings? Just curious how bad the vibrations might be with the polyurethane, its no my DD but I still drive it quite a bit. Hell I doubt I'd even notice, the current drivers side mount is pretty much...
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    HD Offroad Frame Stiffeners, Rugged Ridge front tow hooks

    New main frame stiffeners, not going to use. $75 Front tow hooks with hardware, used for one Winterfest $50 Buy both for $100. Can deliver to WF
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    HD Offroad Frame Stiffeners

    Bought these early last year, doesn't look like they'll ever get put on. This is just for the middle frame rail section. $75 firm can deliver to WF.
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    JK Bumper Anyone? Vendors?

    Any vendors coming that make bumpers for JK's? I have a buddy interested in tagging along with me who is in the market for a front bumper.
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    2006 Hummer H3

    Selling this to fund my GTO craving. I'd sell to NAXJA for $9500
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    Which FRS?

    There are only 432 results when searching for BaoFeng radios on Amazon lol.. which model is the one everyone was having success with last year? Or does it even matter?