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    2000 Cherokee

    Selling my girl. Flexible on what comes with it if you want to work something out.
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    AX15 3/4 Shift Sleeve not like others.

    I picked up an AX15 a while back. It was full of water from sitting so I figured I would break it down, check it out and thrown in a rebuild kit just to be safe. So I got it down to the shafts and ordered my kit. I didn't note any real damage but I did note something different than most...
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    Pre 96 doorpull stud replacement

    Being dumb I snapped the stud in a door pull from a older XJ I have that I'm refitting into my MJ. This is the armrest/door pull that extends up and has a notched stud that turn locks into the armrest mounting clip (#06502112). From my research this is nested in the armrest but its barbed...
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    Windrock Weekend

    I and some others will be up in Windrock for the weekend if anyone is up that way and wants to run some tails.
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    P0705, how to test aw4 shift solenoids

    98, 4.0, AW4. Getting a p0700/p0705. Cleaned NSS, tested. Still getting code. Adjusted, reinstalled. Bench tested. Still CEL. Pulled another NSS at yard, went to clean and it was immaculate. Installed and still get CLE. Pulled, cleaned anyway; sanded contacts. Bench tested and I get good contact...
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    adjustable track bar

    Looking for an adjustable track bar. Its a small lift so I might not even need it but figured I would plan ahead.
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    Custom Drawers

    So I made this awhile back when I was wrenching at friends houses.[/URL] I toted all my tools with me for a year before deciding I wanted a better way to keep them together and organized. I built this custom for my blow mold cases and toolbags. I have loaded this thing down with a mess of tools...
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    Go vote knuckleheads
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    Tire Widths

    For a long time I wanted 12.50 width tires but the more I read I'm not sure that's very smart. The added weight, reduced traction in slick road conditions, cost, etc. I drive in the mud not on sand. So other than looks what gain is there is having these?
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    96 XJ 2WD

    Would anyone around here need a 2WD XJ? Inside is nice and clean. I almost stripped it but figured I would sell it instead. Not sure if anyone here would even want one without 4WD. Hood clearcoat peel, windshield cracked and headliner sags. Can work something out if that needs fixed. Runs...
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    Non XJ related/Classic car rental for a few hours

    I thought I would check here first. My buddy in Nashville is looking for a classic nice vehicle to use at his wedding just to drive off with after the ceremony. Something in the 50s to 60s era. Does anybody have anything like that they would be willing to share for a few hours that we can work...
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    Middle TN

    Is there any middle Tennessee Jeepers/Wrenchers (Note: two words, not Jeeps and Wrenches the club) that get together regularly?
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    Wanted 92+ 4.0

    Looking for a good running/known to run 4.0. Don't make me pull one from a yard and preferably don't change me 3 times as much as a yard. Will drive 2 hours in any direction from Nashville to pick up if priced right.
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    Renix Block in late model XJ

    I have checked around and I think this will work but wanted to know if anyone has done it. Has anyone taken a Renix block and put in into a late model XJ (2000-2001) Everything else comes over from the late model XJ, only the block is being changed. Anyone know of head mounting issues, power...
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    Wanted Olympic Top Hat rack

    Anyone around here have one?