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    Junk Yard 4x4 Dual Axle Swaps from the same Vehicle

    What make truck, year, and model would give me a 4.27 or 4.56 gear ratio, have the pumpkins in the correct positions for an XJ, and would not be excessively difficult to swap in if all I had to do was weld in the associated mounts and so forth. I have been ill the last couple of years and wish...
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    Need some Advice on a New Radius Arm Kit.

    What would be the best way to mount this 5" to 12" Lift Long Arm Radius Arm Kit on to my new to me XJ? What Brackets should I go with? Right now I have his Short Arms on my old XJ and I absolutely love them. Instead of going with the RC Drop Brackets and Short Arms I thought maybe I would go...
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    New to Me XJ/ 4.5 Suspension Lift Parts

    This is my plan for a Low Cost, Quality 4.5 inch XJ Suspension Short Arm Lift (Kit) for up to 33" Tires (35s with major cutting of Fenders and Regearing) for the New to Me, Late Year'96 XJ I will have in 2 Weeks; I have given a Deposit on it already. I have put a lot of thought and have done my...
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    What now? Help please. Dual Fan Mix Up.

    I had planned to do a Twin (Dual) Electric Fan Upgrade on my XJ. Parts ordered not Parts sent. I ordered a New Taurus 3.8 V6 Electric Radiator Fan and a New '97+ XJ 4.0 Electric Radiator Fan from one Online OEM Parts Store. I had ordered 2 Five Post 80 Amp Relays from a Different Online Store...
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    Leaf Packs available for a Bastard Pack

    Here is a Chart to show different Leaf Packs available for building a Bastard Pack. Please, choose your favorite Donor Leaf Pack. If your Donor Leaf Pack is not shown on the List, please Post It Up. Then Post up what you chose and how it was implemented in building your Leaf Springs and how...
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    I Boo Booed my XJ again. Need Advise.

    Again, I almost completely tore off my Lower Control Arm Mounts and badly twisted my one Upper Control Arm Mount. Both my Sealed Wheel Bearings are gone and I plan to move up to 35x10.50x15 or 16s in October. I'm torn between many Axle Assemblies. They all have their Pros and Cons. I really need...
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    Transfer Case Rebuild / Install / Swap / Doubler Thread

    There are lots of Transfer Cases out there, lots of Transfer Case Rebuild, Install, and Transfer Case Swap possibilities. Some even do Transfer Case Doubler Installs. If you have done a Transfer Case Swap or Doubler Install, please Post Up and share so that other XJ Jeepers may benefit from your...
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    Air Intake and Flow Modification Poll

    A lot of Jeepers have Opinions on Air Intake and Flow Modification. Especially when used offroading. There are many systems used. What do you use and why do you feel it is a better system than most. Function is important here. Trail capability extremely important. Physics, Engineering, Fab...
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    RCV Performance Dana 30 Axles with CV

    I Asked a Few Questions and here's their Answer.
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    Fabricated Leaf Springs and B*st*rd Packs

    A Leaf Spring Fabrication and B*st*rd Pack Thread Deserves to be Started again with all the Questions about Leaf Springs and the many more Fabricated Leaf Springs and B*st*rd Pack Builds since 2006. Hopefully more Posts of what Jeepers have done, what they used, how they did it, and what were...
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    Water, Mud did me in. What now. Thanks

    I Destroyed my Stock Electric Radiator Fan going through a Deep Mud Water Hole on a Trail a while back. I know Mud can be the Enemy, however, here in Florida... Mud Holes and Water Holes on Trails are always a Thing one must Tend with. That being said... I need some Suggestions of what would be...
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    Steering Brake in a XJ

    I have tried to Search for "steering brake" with these results: steering & brake steering, brake and.... steering...... brake..... However, no "steering brake" so I tried Jamar Steering Brake "No Results" Then I tried "Cutting Brake" and the two Threads on NAXJA talk about it and not much...
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    I hate Insurance Companies!

    I hate Insurance Companies! Hartford wanted me to fill out some forms regarding the use of my XJ. I stated I do not use my XJ for work and it is for personal use. They told me I had to have the forms to them by June 16th. I filled out the Forms, sent them over night ($17.30) on Friday, June...
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    Front Axle Assembly needs Attention.

    Possibly needing to replace my Front Axle Assembly. Want to Upgrade to a much stronger Axle Assembly. The Passenger Side Adjustable Lower Control Arm broke in Half a couple days ago causing everything to swing back on that side and bent ALL my Brackets on my D30. Fabricator is replacing my...
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    Fuel Injectors

    As you may notice by my Signature, I have done many things to my 4.0L. Now, I am thinking about Fuel Injectors. I am obsessed. I am thinking of installing Ford Blue-Top 24 pound Racing Injectors in my '96 4.0L H.O.. I do know that as Stock I can run with Bosch LS1 0280155890 for Jeep 1994-98 4.0...