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    Activation codes

    If you need a new activation code email sent: Check your spam folders.
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    Income tax issues - PSA

    <beep><beep><beep>This is a Public Service Announcement. Okay, on a slightly more serious note... Identity theft and phishing is on the rise, and tax season is no exception. There are a couple of things to remember in particular: Identity theft. The scammers are filing fraudulent tax...
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    Arkansas crash, returning from KoH Anybody able to lend assistance?
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    You and your photos

    Here's a pretty good example of why you really do want to read Terms of Service: Technically speaking, you might retain copyright, but the Instagram ToS that will go into effect will grant...
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    XJ diesel transmission ?

    Yeah, I know this is in mod tech... The gents down at the local transmission shop were telling me tonight that there's a couple of diesel XJs about 15 miles away that are either running propane injection already, or will be shortly. They've also apparently bumped up the pump to get what what...
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    And it's OPEN!

    MWC ROTM Rules: A thread will be started the third week of every month to determine the contest for the following month. Submissions will run 5 days or until 3 entry's are made. After the 5day/3 sub. a poll will be started and will stay open for 1 week. the winner will be the one with the...
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    Folks around Lake Michigan

    Swiped from PBB GCC: Talk about a reprehensible low life. And yet another good reason why spouting your not-so-private life in the Intardnet isn't necessarily a good idea.
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    For all you FaceBook users.... As usual with FaceBook, keep checking your profile. This time, apparently, FaceBook wants to change your email address. Facebook is a social, communicable, disease.
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    Image Test

    ROTM 2010/02
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    Poll Test

    Test poll.
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    Paging the Irish.

    My g/f & I will be visiting the Isle for the first 2 weeks of October. The plan is to fly into Dublin, spend a couple of days downtown, then travel down to the south, around the coast, up the west side, then head back east to Dublin. Any possibilities of hoisting a point somewhere along the line?
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    Movie quotes.

    To avoid polluting a for sale thread... or at least, continuing to pollute..... Movie quotes. Identify the movie, and as much other trivia surrounding the quote. Once your answer is confirmed, post up your own quote to continue.
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    Paging Tom from Cinci w/ the MJ

    Tell me that you got home Saturday night.
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    Mesa County residents

    And probably others as well. If you've ever had any official contact with the Mesa County Sheriff's office, you might want to follow up.
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    Machinery rigging

    Found a very dangerous place this week: Offices in St. Paul and Duluth. I could lose far more than a paycheck in pretty short order. All they do is line & rigging, I'm having them put a new safety hook end on my winch cable, and I've got no complaints about price or...