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    2019 Land Use Donation At Work

    I’d like to give you all an update on what’s happening with your hard earned dollars you used to purchase raffle tickets and t-shirts at Sierra Fest and how they’re being used towards our Land Use Donation for the year. As you all know, typically we’ve made a donation to the various clubs that...
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    Labor Day Weekend Run

    Although the cantina for the con is cancelled, I'm still thinking to head out there over labor day weekend - is anyone else planning to head up or going on any other runs that weekend?
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    Cantina for the Con - Labor Day Weekend

    I know its a ways off but my Dad and I are going to head up to Cantina for the con over Labor day weekend if anyone else is planning to head up too? We're planning on leaving the bay area Friday morning Aug 31st about 6AM to get up and drive in and camp somewhere around Little Sluice/Buck Island...