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    Shop Cleaning

    I have done some significant consolidation around the shop and have found some parts that may be of value to other folks. Make me an offer if the prices seem high, I'd like to get this stuff moved out: 1997 AW-4. Low mileage unit, 55k stock miles. $200 Bored Renix TB. 58 mm (stock=52mm)...
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    WTB: WJ front axle

    Have a friend in need of a WJ front axle. Let me know if you have one. CRASH
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    Stroker and Engine Goodies

    I have done some significant consolidation around the shop and have found some parts that may be of value to other folks: Bored Renix TB. 58 mm (stock=52mm). Includes all sensors, runs very well, excellent idle stability. $100. 24 lb/hr Ford injectors: Used 10k miles, set of six, plus a...
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    wtb: tires for my neighbor

    My neighbor could use a set of tires for his CJ-5 restoration. He is willing to pay reasonable cash for a full set of the following tires: 30x9.5 31x10.5 32x11.5 33x9.5 33x10.5 All terrain or mud would be just fine, 50% or better tread. Let me know.... crash.
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    1997 Low mile AW-4.

    I have a 50k mile 1997 AW-4 that I am selling for a friend. Shifts great, includes a flex plate and torque converter. Cables and shifters as well if you want them. $600. Located in Foresthill, but I go to Auburn every day, and to Sac at least twice a week. I will deliver to anywhere on the...
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    A couple of real world upgrades

    Problem statement: The spring pivots on the rear of my junk were giving up the ghost, the outside support was collapsing into the floor, and the blind nuts were both broken off inside the boxed section of chassis. They were junk. I was originally on a rear 4 link path, but decided against...
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    Why am I such an ass?

    Why do I have to make eveything so complicated? Why is nothing "good enough"? Why does my rig have to be perfect, and not wheeling? Why not just drive junk, and actually wheel, vs. missing a season of wheeling due to an unfinished rig? Am I the only perfectionist dumb-ass out there?
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    Rear Axle Strength Comparison

    This FAQ is designed to help sort out the plethora of information available on the web regarding the relative strength of axles sourced from various applications. Disclaimer: I know nothing about wheeling in mud, except that I hate it. I have no idea what works and what doesn't, but if you...
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    Front Dana 44 info

    So, you’ve determined that for a variety of reasons the Dana 30 is not going to hold up for you. You need something bigger, manlier, beefier. Dana 44 is what I need, you say. Bravo. Splendid. Now get ready for a reality check. Shoving a Dana 44 under an XJ is not a bolt in affair. Far from it...
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    Dana 30 info

    Question: I know I have a Dana 30 front axle, which version do I have, and how can I upgrade it? Answer: Disconnect 30: This axle uses a vacuum actuator on the passenger side to slide a locking collar between an intermediate shaft and an outer shaft. This feature keeps the driveshaft from...
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    Bowhunters, check in with your kill......

    .....not even September and I've tagged one. Blacktail fork, 2nd to last day of my trip. Muzzy 100, Carbon Express 300, Mathews 70#. No pics, it was dark. One more tag to go, starts in 3 weeks.
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    I can't seem to see all pics in a thread anymore. The D-60 thread in ADvanced for instance. I can see the "fishing" pics, but not pics that Cracker originally posted. I checked my preferences, and I have it set to see pics. This all started after the fawing Russians attacked........
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    V&V in Vault and Vodka. Anyone tried this combo yet? It's spectacularly effective at keeping you productive, yet in an altered state of mind. Mmmmmmm......wish I could add some V to my V right now, but alas, the boss would frown upon it.
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    Anybody bought a radiator recently?

    Need one for our commute beater. CSF or Modine would be fine. was kind of pricey, 179 for the Modine, 169 for the CSF. I recall these things being cheaper, but that was several years ago....... Who's done the shopping?
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    I know what you did last winter, spring, summer and early fall.

    Well, thanks to Jes, I had to tear apart the best suspension I have ever built, in order to fit his old Atlas 4.3. The Atlas is bigger in almost every dimension, except for one. Because my old three link was built around an NV4500/NP231 combo, and all clearances were withing 1/4", I knew I was...