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    5x4.5 1.5" wheel spacers - $20 + shipping

    Not sure how I would ship them, but if you want them, I can see what it would cost. Have the nuts for them too, just not shown.
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    Stock XJ Pitman arm and stock steering brace - free

    Cover shipping cost and you can have them. Both in surprisingly good shape.
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    XJ Rear Unibody Tie-in Bracket | Jeep Cherokee (84-01) $40 + shipping

    I have a set of these I bolted up once and then took off. $40 plus shipping. Should fit in a small flat rate box or envelope.
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    91 4wd Auto in Virginia Beach

    $1500 and it's yours. Yep, it's beat up and I would change out the rear gears since they make noise. Been beating on them for the last 10k, though, so if the noise doesn't bother you, there is that.
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    Dana 30 CAD intermediate shaft movement

    The amount of movement in the video as to be way more than it should be, right? Seems this is why it won't stay engaged with the cable pulled all the way out. Is there supposed to be a bushing between the shaft and the inner side of the housing? Click for the video:
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    Help me find on board air

    I like my AC so for now, I don't want to use the compressor for air so I'm looking for something decent I can throw in the jeep. I'd like to use it for tire inflation for now. I plan on plumbing an external quick connect so I can inflate some bike tires without having to run the jeep. Any...
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    SEC Best of Craigslist

    Is there just not a lot of craiglist action around here that there isn't a best of thread? Found this rare beauty for the low cost of 10k. I'm guessing he's never been on Naxja and seen how many people are in love with the 242's in their XJ's.
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    Looking for a 44 near NE North Carolina

    I want to put an axle with locking hubs under the XJ so I can get rid of the CAD and not have to buy or rebuild/balance my front driveshaft and turn the C's. This jeeps crawling days are over since I live 1/4 mile from the Atlantic so I don't need anything built. Something with 4.56 or 4.88's...
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    Horn wiring in steering column

    I trailered the XJ on our cross country move and since I had the space, we threw a bunch of crap in the driver's seat. Things shifted a bit, I think and put some pressure on the turn signal arm and now my horn essentially doesn't work. If I shimmy the steering wheel up and down on the adjuster...
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    What to do while interior is completely stripped

    So I pulled the seats, console, trim and carpet out to fix all the rust. Everything is patched and primed. I even took the time while the console was out to pull the transfer case shifter out to drill the hole it needs for the BoostWerks linkage. So far, only a marginal improvement in road noise...
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    Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 33x12.50x15 vs BFG AT KO 33x10.50x15

    So my rig is moving back to Virginia Beach with me and will spend more time on pavement than dirt and when it does get dirty, it won't be anything like what we have in northern Utah. I was looking for a quieter tire with less rolling resistance so I could maybe gain some MPG. From the looks of...
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    Remove carpet when welding on 2x6 rock sliders

    I'd highly recommend following the advice that I completely ignored. Now I need to clean off all the melted rubber backing from the carpet before I can patch up the holes in the floor. Also, if going high enough to trim the doors, I'd remove the wire bundle under the floor trim too. Thankfully I...
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    MIL code 62 - miles not stored and crappy gas mileage

    91, AW4, 33's @ 28psi, regear to 4.88 and new speedo gear verified by GPS for proper speed on dash. I currently only get one code (62) and it's possible it's wiring or an ECU going bad, I think. I've had issues from the start where the speedo needle will not work and then suddenly come on. The...
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    Proper gauge sheet metal for repairs and flares

    So I have a couple things I need sheet metal for and the stuff I have currently it way too thick for simple repairs or flares. I mocked up a bit of a frame for making flat flares so I'd love to kill two birds with one stone and use the same metal for that and my rusty floor fixes. I don't have a...
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    Vacuum gauge reading help

    I'd like a little help reading this gauge. It's hooked up to my brake booster line and I'm at about 4400' ASL. I'm running it because I feel like it's running rough but every time I find and fix a leak in a vac line, it doesn't seem to change much. Tuneup with Champion plugs, new cap, rotor...