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    need carfax help

    Not for purchase but to make sure I only have to help pay for the damages cause by my daughter. I do want to make it right but the car had previous damage. My daughter is away at college and was driving a friends car. So she slides off the road and hits "something". She said the damage was...
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    Trailer transport form SoCal to Utah

    I'm purchasing a trailer in So Cal. Palm Springs area. If anyone is heading toward Utah in the next couple of weeks it would save me a trip to pick it up. I can cover gas $ for the trip. Even if you are only headed to Las Vegas that would be almost half way for me. PM me if you are interested.
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    Special Event / Classes

    Special events for members in good standing. We are going to set up some classes. First aid, vehicle recovery, and other "skills" classes through out the year. This idea has been more popular than some others :) See Class suggestions for topics. I really liked the idea from Holgram to charge...
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    Cleanup run

    As National Public Lands Day is later in the year and several people have brought up the idea of a clean up ... IT might be a good idea to help support the effort. See Thread Desert cleanup ideas If Derek can get a dumpster that would be a big help. It could be a good chance to meet some of...
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    long shaft 39 tooth speedo gear

    Looking for an older style long shaft 39 tooth speedo gear
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    Another Torque Converter no-lockup problem

    A bit of back ground. 1989 AW4 4.0 I have had problems with the coolant temps rising to 235+ at speed and tracked it down to the torque converter not locking. The tranny shifts though all gears just fine while driving. Manual shifting works too. I have been on a couple of trips after the...
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    Does the AMC 20 use a crush sleeve?

    I searched but did not find a definite answer. Can someone give me a definite answer if a AMC 20 uses a crush sleeve? Thanks
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    Parting out a '90

    I have a 90 donor rig I need to finish picking over a send to the crusher. Center console vent (Dave B is that what you need) It's picked over some but some items remain. Major items gone tranny & tcu t-case doors rear hatch engine harness front end (grill, steering and axle)
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    CB Antenna & Shackles

    CB Antenna - 4' Fiberglass with mounting bracket, spring base and 12' cable. $25 Shackles $50 ($45 if name is red)
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    no backup lights after AW4 swap - tried all listed fixes.

    I have just replaced a BA10 with a AW4. Mine is an 89 the AW4 and engine wiring harness are from a 90. Everything is working except the backup lights. Need to get it inspected and with my luck they will check the backup lights. I've searched and check the items listed in other posts about...
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    39 tooth long shaft speedo gear (old style)

    Does anyone have one of the older long shaft speedo gears with 39 teeth?
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    Tranny swap - NNS issue

    This is a bit long so it is hopefully clear what I have done and where I need help. What I Have Done: I'm swapping from a manual to an auto tranny. My XJ is an 89 with manual tranny. I have a donor 90 with the auto. I have swapped the engine wiring harness out of my donor into mine. I have 4...
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    Manual to Auto tranny swap questions

    To keep things from becoming to confusing I'll ask one question at a time. First a little background on the swap so you now what I have to work with: My jeep is an 89 base with a BA-10, 4.0, 231. The donor jeep is a 90 laredo with AW4, 4.0, 242. Due to differences in the in the wire bundle I...
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    This Years Chapter Run?

    I noticed we do not have a thread up for the IC Chapter run this year. Will the Geostache Run be the chapter run? That idea was brought up but I do not recall a decision. Was there another run we could use?
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    Mercury Villager, possible NSS problem

    The old 95 Mercury Villager has been acting up on the wife lately. A few times it just would not start. Usually a few times shifting in and out of park and it will start. No issues after it starts, just starting. So today after a short drive it does not start again. This time nothing seems to...