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    WJ d30/xj d30

    While I know from the axles tubes out, the wj d30/d35 is different from a xj d30/d35 but are the differentials/center section the same? I ask because I know some wj got vari loc lsd in them and I've wondered if the d35 and d30 vari loc would work in my 91' DD xj as the biggest tire it'll have...
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    2018 NWC BOD Elections!

    Nominations are now open for the following Northwest Chapter BOD positions for the 2018 year. Each position is for a one year term starting, January 1, 2018. NWC President NWC Vice President NWC Treasurer / Secretary To be eligible to run for a position you must be a NWC member in good...
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    Wanted: 4.56 gears for hp d30

    As the title says, looking for gears for my d30. I'm located in Salem, Oregon 97301. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wanted: 4.56 gears for hp d30

    As the title says, need 4.56 gears for a hp d30. I'm in Salem, Oregon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New members introduce yourself!

    So now that the membership drive is over, let's get a introduction from you new members. Throw up a hi and possibly a little about yourself and a post a picture of your jeep. I'm Larry, northwest chapter Vice Pres. And this is my hunk of junk lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ISO 29 spline 8.25 locker

    As the title says, looking for a locker. Preferably a lunchbox as those are cheaper. Unless you've got a selectable that you'll sell extremely cheap haha I'm located in Salem, Oregon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wanting to trade my xj

    Wanting to trade my project 1997 jeep Cherokee SE for a already built xj of similar parts. 4.0l, Aw4, 231tcase, hp d30, 29 spline 8.25, 235,xxx miles. Clean title. First off this is a project jeep, not a shitty project but a project jeep. I don't have the time or place to build it, I've...
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    HD Offroad 3link bracket

    Is Brian still producing these? Couldn't find it on his website Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey guys

    So if you have made a sale post recently, if you could update those post if it's all sold or not, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'll be trying to go through and delet what has been marked as sold so we can lessen the clutter of post making it easier to find what we are looking for and selling.
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    Beating a dead horse, headlights

    So I want to upgrade My headlights to h4 or led and I've read a few older threads but nothing new to this year than the high beam predator headlights. So what h4 conversions are best as of now? The auto pals I've heard mix reviews. Hella isn't dot approved. Ipf? I'd like to upgrade with...
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    Front end/flex Friday

    Post up your rigs doing both or one of them. Here's mine:
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    Iso drop brackets and brace

    Like the title says, looking for xj drop brackets, possibly the braces also. Preferably rough country as it has the least amount of drop. I'm located in gervais, OR 97026 Cheaper the better
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    Can these transmissions be swapped?

    So there is a guy that's wanting to rid a manual transmission from a 2003 Dodge Ram 4x4. It's either a nv3500 or the nv5600. But behind it is the 241 d tcase. Can these transmission be swapped behind a 4.0l? Figured I'd ask if it was worth grabbing since he's practically giving it away free.
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    Helping a friend, 96' electrical issue

    So a friends 96' 4.0l xj is having a electrical issue. From what has been said: 1. If it isn't driven for more than 2 days, battery dies, needs charging, not jump starting to run again. 2. Battery fries itself after about a month. 3. Brand new battery and alternator 4. Check engine code give O2...
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    Viscous fan blade shaft wobble?

    91' 4.0l xj Is there a way to replace this? When running the pulley that sits on this flange wobbles and in turn makes the viscous fan wobble like crazy. I pull another pulley off of another jeep at the junk yard and comparing the two, the pulley isn't bent. Which leads me to believe the...