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    Sierra Chapter Jacket (large tall)

    I have a Black NAXJA Jacket size large tall. I'm 6' and it's too long for me so I never wore it. These were made in 2015? Hoping to trade for something... trail spares, main leaf or something but mostly just want it to go to a new home. In San Jose. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    WTB/ISO Welder...

    Once again Uncle Sam is about to pay back my 0% loan and I think I'm ready to make my first foray into welding. So now I'm looking for a machine. I've been told by many to steer towards a 220 miller but open to any suggestions. For now I just want to try to stiffen up my front end with plate...
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    $500 5spd xj modesto I thought we had a CL thread but for whatever reason I don't see it in tapatalk.... maybe I'm stupid today
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    So I bought this thing... now what? $200 MJ

    So I was bored and I found this MJ 2wd 5spd and bought it for $200. Was all the way in Modesto but an unamed national auto club was kind enough to help me out with the (slightly) less than 100mi tow :D It has this: It was too dark for pics underneath but it has a Crack in the bellhousing at...
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    opinions wanted: 91 MJ

    So I'm buying this next week with the idea that it would be a good daily driver with decent mpg while still being cooler than some 4cyl honda . 1991 MJ/ 5spd/ 2WD/ 2.5L I4 (no ac) with 115k but at least 30k was towed behind an RV. From what I have read the 2.5 is a decently reliable engine, and...
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    Screw Work. Hollister Thurs4/2

    If anyone is down I'm gonna be heading up to Hollister this Thursday 4/2 for a day trip. So far its me and a couple buddies in 1-2 Xterras. Probably gonna stop at the Metcalf range if we have time on the way back. All are welcome.:us:
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    White xj people problems

    So I get off work, and my Jeep won't crank.:bawl: I have power and no check engine light, but it doesn't even try to start. In reverse the lights come on. I was still thinking it was the NSS. I pulled the NSS and opened it up and it seemed the spring were a bit gummed up with the yellow goo...
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    Welder/Fab Recommendations Bay Area?

    So I finally pulled the trigger on my HD offroad stiffeners, and I'm looking to have them welded up. I know all the cool kids DIY but this is a capability I just do not have (yet). Anyone have any good experiences with welders/fabricators in the bay area? :helpme: