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    another quick ac question

    Hi Guys, I searched, but was swamped with unrelated questions.. real quick, on the back of the compressor of my 92, there are 2 valves that lead to the high and low lines, are they for flow, or just to shut off the schraeder ports??
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    serpentine belt diagram

    HI guys, I did a search, but all the pics are no longer there. I have a 92 4.0 auto w air, and I'm looking for a serp belt diagram or sketch. Reason is, I have a buddy with the same exact year/engine, and his belt is routed totally different than mine... Someone 's got it wrong.. Thanks
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    Who sells a intermediate steering shaft??

    HI Guys any idea who sells a new steering shaft besides Borgeson? I want one with needle bearings in it, not a stock replacement. But there's got to be an alternative out there for less than $279. If not, it's next on the Fabjunkie list of things to make. I found out after replacing just...
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    Durango box swap, now pump issues??

    Hi Guys, I swapped a 99 Durango steering box into my 91 yesterday and the swap went pretty well. BUT... Now it seems I am goving the stoxk xj pump a fit. Streering effort and motion is good, but the pump howls and groans like it is low on fluid, which it is not. Any ideas?? I was thinking it...
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    30 lb injector source

    I need to get a set of 28 or 30 lb injectors for my 91...any ideas what kind of vehicle I can pirate them out of?? The 24s still are not cutting it for my stroker, I had the fuel press jacked all the way up to 60lbs and it just kept getting better and better, but I don't want to keep the...
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    Closed Loop temperature?

    Does anyone know the specific operating temperature at which the computer goes into closed loop?? I have a 91...with stock computer.
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    231 tailcone question

    Ok guys, todays problem is I have transfer case fluid spewing out of the rear tailcone of the transfer case on my 91. I resealed it yesterday, and also inspected the yoke, and both are nice. My question is this...underneath the seal in the tailcone itself are a number of slots, I assume for...
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    adjusting timing

    Hi Guys, I have a 92 auto with a 4.6 stroker. I have done all the usual stuff, adj map sensor, 24 lb injectors, open air filter, comp 232 cam, etc. The motor is running 9.3:1, and I have 91 octane in it, but the motor really is begging for some more timing. It's real strong, but it's got a...
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    Adj Map Sensor

    Hey gang, I have done a search, but didn't come up with anything besides Hesco, and their site is down at the moment.. Does anyone know where I can purchase an adj MAP sensor? I am going with the bigger injectors on my 4.6 stroker in a 91, but I want the adj map to dial it in. Or for that...
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    92 XJ Multi function sw??

    Hey guys. I know the multi function stalk in my truck crosses over to some GM number. Anyone ever have any luck finding which one ?? It is the blinker/wiper/cruise sw handle on the left of the column. Electrical portion is ok, just looking for the plastic bits. Thanks
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    Head gasket, or am I missing something

    Ok guys, I need your take on this problem. I am assuming it's a head gasket or cracked head, but here's what I have Steam out exhaust after warm up (lotsa!) cooling system won't make pressure The thing that's getting me is I checked compression, and they are all semi OK at 135-145lbs. Every...