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    Doorless in cali...anyone ever get ticket for it?

    So I just did the removable door mod on my xj and was curious if anybody has ever gotten stopped by the law and ticketed for driving w/o doors. I do have driver side mirror.
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    Spider lake

    Is it ok to camp in the spider lake area of the rubicon?
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    c 8.25 u bolt conversion on DS yoke.

    Just wanted to see if this is working well for those that have done the conversion, and also to get PN for the right u bolts to use.
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    WTB stock rim 15x7

    Hi, I'm looking for a stock sized single rim to mount my spare.
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    rebuilt front driveshaft

    I have a new rebuilt front driveshaft from 98 auto. All new u joints and cv cup $125 .
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    Reno driveline and not use.

    So I'm getting ready to do my sye and in the process I wanted to get my driveshaft rebuilt. Usually I use , and highly recommend ADCO driveline in Shingle springs, but due to my current circumstances I chose to use RENO driveline in sparks (1325 Glendale Blvd). First off I called two seperate...
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    adjustable control arm install help

    I'm at about 3.5 lift and just got adjustable uca and lca, can I center my axle (35s) with stretch a little? Also any tips for installing would be helpful.
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    8.25 alloy axleshafts 29spline NIB!

    I have a a brand new set of Yukon alloy axle shafts for 8.25, they are 29 spline. $100 or trade for 35in spare tire, possibly other parts. Also have have brand new 29 spline traklok $150 will sell axles and traklok for $200 as.a.set.
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    adjustable control install help

    I got some adjustable control arms to put on my xj w 3-3.5 lif(upper and lower). I want to push the axle out to center in wheelwell 35tires. Should I do both sides at same time or lowers than uppers? Any tips or tricks would be appreciated. Looking at 17.75in for lowers and15 7/8in for uppers.
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    question about sierra fest?

    Hello, I was curious. Can anybody with an xj, and the vehicle requirements come out and run the sierra fest events?
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    8.25 alloy axleshafts 29spline NIB!

    I have a brand new set of 29 spline axleshaft complete with lug studs.These are alloy shaft bought from rwk. $200 Also have brand new in box trak lok for 29 spline 8.25 axle $125
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    WTB: 35 in spare tire

    I'm need to get a 35 in spare tire by sierra fest, so if anyone has one for sale let me know.
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    Rubicon day run

    I was thinking about doing a day run to spider lake on Sunday. If anyone is interested let me know.
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    Yukon alloy shafts for 8.25

    I have two brand new Yukon alloy axle shafts for 29 spline 8.25 w wheel studs$150. Also have brand new 29 spline Trac lok $150
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    Want to buy 35s

    I'm looking for some good condition 35 1250 15 tires to buy. I also have great set of 33s for sale or trade.