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    Not an XJ but a 4.0 question

    Have an 02 WJ I bought for the wife. Original motor was bad so I swapped in a newer motor (60,000 mi). I had to replace the tps, cps. Drive it about 3k miles and head was cracked. While taking everything apart I somehow broke the tab in the intake. So got a new intake. New head, new intake...
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    Can't find wobble

    00 front 30 on 35s. Alittle wgile back I had to change unit bearing. I had one from a donor axle so I used it. Everything was fine for awhile then I started to get this wobble sound in front end. Sounds like its coimg from the pass side front. Changed tire, used another unit bearing. Removed...
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    heavy gas smell

    I'm on my second 98 plus cherokee. Current is a 2000. With both after lifting 6" there is a really strong gas smell all the time. Happens idling and while drivi g. Anyone else have this problem. I had a 91 that never did this.
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    Stuff for sale

    I have a few things for sale now and mabey a few other things later. Right now i have 1 new never used goodyear MTR Kev 35x12.50.15 tire would like to see $200 on that. Also have a rear jk 44 with stock gears electric locker no shafts no brakes. A jk hi pinion 30 stock gears no shafts no brakes...
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    Fuel Fill line and vent line

    98 4.0 I need to replace both. They are rotten. I have checked a few places including the stealership, they claim there are 2 in the whole country (I checked and no go) and that they are a discontinued Item. Anyone have any idea where I can get some, or what repair or replacement options I...
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    Fuel Filler, and vent hose replacement

    98 sport 4.0. Anyone know where to get replacement hoses. Called jeep dealer, they said there were two in inventory. One in FL, and one in CT. neither had them, and apparently they are a discontinued part. Anyone know where an after market shop might have them or has anyone done a different...
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    Throttle body Leak

    So I have two codes showing... Major/Minor evap leak. I looked at all the lines, check fuel pump gaskets Changed gas cap still codes. Took to get a smoke check and apparently My valve cover and throttle body are leaking severely. A new valve cover gasket and PCV valve should take care of that...
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    Camping next weekend

    Looking for a place to take my kids for a 4 day weekend. The youngest is 18 mo. Looking for a place that isnt going to be too cold at night so rubicon area is out. Would like a place with a lake or river for fishing and isnt overly busy. All suggestions are welcome. Wont be taking the jeep will...
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    Sac guys

    Any sac or cameron park guys have an impact wrench/ gun i could use for the day?
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    Parting out 91 laredo

    Stuffs going cheap or free. I am keeping xfer case radiator speakers. I will add to list as i go but so far stuff for sale... Hp d30 new brakes, 8.25 rear. 3 1/2 lift front and rear RE. Front shocks are good. Upper and lower control arms are after market for sure but i dont know what brand...
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    Reno guys assist

    Would one of you reno guys go take a look at this for me and make sure its leggit before i drive up there please. A six pack of your choice if i get it. Thanx.
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    Latrobe rd run

    Anyone interested in runnin down Latrobe rd for a day or night run. Anyone who's been down it knows it's short but with all the rain there are a few spots that could be fun. Looking to see if anyone's interested. I can run it alone but always fun to hang out. Mabey a BBQ or or some pow pow too.
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    Radiator repair in sac area

    Ok so the story goes i was doing some light wheeling this weekend and somehow or another my fan hit my radiator. Its a CFM 3 row only about 1-2 yrs old. I dont want to replace it if i dont have to. Do any sac guys know a place that can repair radiators. It isnt too bad just a nick but enough to...
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    Look at this dam thing.

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    Hell Hole Camping trip

    Thinking about going up and running hell hole pretty soon. Anyone interested in going for a weekend long camping/fishing trip? Kinda open on weekends between now and July 1.