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    5.17.14 - The Great IC Shootout!!

    Well, I'll get this started in the hopes that those with great pics (*cough* Ryan *cough*) will post theirs up! I started my journey about 45 min behind schedule when me and the boys pulled out of the house... :eyes: Jerry.Allen and crew were nice enough to wait for us though! So we jumped on...
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    May Meet & Greet

    I know we talked about doing these the night before trail runs, though some (many?) will be heading out Friday night in May to camp at the shooting location. So perhaps we do it Thursday night or Friday on the week prior? (May 9th) I agree we need to start doing these regularly, sorry I've...
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    April 12 run

    So, I think some snow bashing would be fun, however, I think we'd get little turn-out if we keep our trail plans for this week. I vote for a trail change. I don't know what to suggest, all the trails I know other than 5-mile are snow-packed. What about the dunes? Might be too late in the year...
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    What did you pay for your headlight upgrade?

    I've been reading/following threads on headlight upgrades because, well, I'm afraid of the dark. Anyway, I've noticed there is a common theme: BIG BUCKS!! I'm willing to bet no one here is into it less than $120. I bought a new HID for my DDer and holy crap - $98 at the parts store. Now...
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    Providence Canyon Snow Run!

    Posted by XJEEPER in the Staging Area thread: Sorry for the re-post, just feels like we need more trip report threads in the IC!! :guitar:
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    Double Sanden compressors!

    Write up and pictures on my Double Sanden mod: One of the things I love about my XJ is the ability to take the whole family wheeling in comfort. I like the heater on in the winter and the AC blasting in the summer (at least on the way to the trail). For the past few years my on board air (OBA)...
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    Stout rear bumper with EXTRAS

    This is a Tomken Machine rear bumper for a 1997-2001 XJ. (I've been told it will bolt up to earlier years as well.) It has the rear quarter panel protectors, hitch receiver and a tire carrier. I'm also including with it some frame inserts that slide into your frame and bolt up through the...
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    Rubicon July 2013

    Ran Rubicon July 1-2 with my Father-in-law and two Brother-in-laws. 4 XJs, 7 kids and a lot of fun! We headed out from Reno Sunday night and drove just a few hundred yards in from the Loon Lake staging area and found a sweet camping spot. Heading out: Crossing Loon Lake dam: Camping spot...
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    Facebook: more effective than Gun Control!

    I thought this was interesting due to the fact that NYC has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation... "Last year was a record low for murders in New York City, with only 414 (eep) counted. Part of the reason for that number? Facebook, apparently."...
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    Vibes at 45 MPH

    2001 XJ Sport, 164k mi, 4.0, AW-4, SYE, D44, 8.8, 37" MTRs So driving home from the meet and greet tonight I was reminded of a vibe I'm trying to chase down. Seems worst around 45 MPH, smooths out some after that, starts to get a little noisy again above 70. Also, the second I take my foot off...
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    Identify these coils?

    I bought the XJ with what the PO called a Rubicon Express 6.5" lift. I very much doubt that as it looked like something between 5.5-6.5" and that was with the ACOS bumps. Anyway, I have the front disassembled and thought I'd take a pic of these and see if anyone can help me identify them...
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    Custom Trackbar help

    After adjusting my bumps, trimming steering box brace bolts, adjusting my sway bar links, relocating my shock mounts and raising my draglink, I have FINALLY determined that the loud *WHAM* I'm hearing in the woops is my trackbar mount making contact with my truss. Yeah, these things take me a...
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    Anyman's build

    well, I've had my 2000 XJ Sport for about 4 years and started my build about 3 years ago now. Recently I was thinking I might as well start a build thread! (Better late than never:dunno:) So here she is in her stock condition... But I didn't get her like that, the previous owner had...
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    Where did you chose to post your build thread?

    Hey all, I've been lurking here and on other forums for about 4 years now, I figure it's time to post a build thread. So I've notice that many of you post on several forums, some of you have your build threads in those and some of you here. How did you decide where to post it? Here's what I'm...