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    My new Lincoln welder

    Well my Lincoln 135 arrived today and I'm not overly happy. I started to rig it all up and went to feed the wire into the roller and it's running backwards! That's right, when I pull the trigger the wire direction is heading back towards the spool. Needly to say I was not very happy when I...
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    T case cross member Q

    Does anyone know what the spacing is between the bolts holding on the cross member? I came up with 4.75" C2C of the bolts. Didn't really want to pull it off and was wondering if anyone had the info on hand. Im fabbing up some T-case drops:D
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    I'm a member!

    Finally broke down after 3 years and became a older members i'm not buying you a beer so don't ask! Funny thing is my member# is the number of my address:laugh:
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    prepping metal

    I am in the process of fabbing some bumpers. The steel I got has a coating on it to keep it from rusting. What is the best method to getting all of this off? Just use a grinder or flap wheel? -b
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    For Sale: RE LCAs

    Just went to LAs so these have to go. Here is the link: I will give a better deal to a NW individual. I can also send pics (yeah I screwed it up in the post
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    Source for tire mount hardware

    Anybody know of some sources for hing and latch hardware for making a swing-out tire carrier? My Google-fu sucks today.
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    (N)th Mobility adj. UCAs

    Selling these as I am going to Long arms. For all of thw wonderful NAXJA NWC Jeepers, I will let them go cheaper than I have them here: PM me if interested. -Bryan
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    making my own rock rails

    Well I started gathering and cutting materials for my rails today. This is the design that I decided to go with: It's actually a little bit different from the picture because the support legs are 1" and 1/8" thick as well as the support that bolts to the pinch seam is 3/16" thick angle. I still...
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    Cutting steel with a bandsaw

    I have been looking at picking up a bandsaw to cut steel with. Aside from getting one that is made to cut heavy duty steel does anyone have any recommendations? I was thinking of just getting a good one from Home Depot that is variable speed. Has one one used one?
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    The Unofficial Turkey Run (Castle Rcok 3000 line)

    The Unofficial Turkey Run (Castle Rock 3000 line) Well hear are some of the pictures. I don't know if anyone else is even back yet to put theirs up. When I left there was no breakages, only a few stucks including myself,sawedoff, sawedoffette, and the big Chevy. We had alot of fun overall and...
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    Well I'm going to Long Arms

    After a year of mulling over this I have finally decided to go to a long arm set up. I weighed the option of going with drop brackets but finally said screw it and ordered a Rock Krawler set up today. Can't wait to get it on since sitting at about 5" on shorts has been pretty brutal on the road...
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    Blown out control arm bushings

    My last wheeling trip I blew out three of my four LCA bushings. Now I'm running about 5" lift and these were in after market control arms (I will not mention the make). So I just ordered a set of RE adjustable LCAs hoping that the main reason I blew them out is because the angle is so steep on...
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    A/C compressor to Air compressor

    I know this has been done but does anyone have an online write up on it? Looking to do mine. I need OBA.