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    Sacramento Meet n Greet Jan 21st 2020

    Hey guys, We have the meet posted on the Sierra Chapter Facebook page but just in case you dont have a facebook here is the info. Jan 21st at Knee Deep. People usually show up anytime after 6pm until closing @ 9pm. Blondejon is going to be giving away a shirt and magnetic beer cozy at this...
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    96- Black interior pieces and other Misc

    Guys, I have some parts and pieces that are taking up room and Id prefer to send them to a new home. -4 door panels (don’t recall if manual or electric) $100 -4 door Black interior plastic pieces. $100 -driver and passenger door sills -driver and passenger b pillars -driver and passenger...
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    One of our own needs our help. NorCalChris

    Socal friends, one of our own is in need of white blood cell donations. NorCalChris has been in the hospital off and on for the last few months. Read his Facebook post below. Los Angeles friends. I am in need of help. I need people willing to donate white blood cells @ UCLA Ronald Reagan. Im...
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    WTB 93+ rear seat belts

    I know evowheeler is looking for some 93+ rear seatbelts for his jeep. Gray or the 98+ dark gray is prefferd. These will be going into his 99 jeep. I believe the 93-96 bolt up the same as the 97+.
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    WTB: Stock XJ coil spring isolators

    Anyone have a pair of stock coil isolators for cheap or free? Need today. Located in Citrus Heights. EDIT: Found some in the junkyard next day. Lucky for me, someone had already pulled the front axle for me and they were super easy to just yank off.
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    Finally Buying a Welder (Advice Needed)

    Hey all, I know asking in a more fab oriented section of the forum might get a faster response but I trust your guy's opinions more than Joe-nobody. I'm going to buy my first welder and looking for advice. I know i want it to be Gas compatible but a few other items/gadgets are on the wish list...
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    October Meet N Greet Sacramento

    Alright, who has an idea for the October meet n greet date or location? Thursday night as it has been but what week? And where?
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    Misc stuff I'm bringing to Moab

    Alright, here's a list of what I'm bringing to Moab to try and sell. I'll try and post some pics when I get home tonight. Might add more as I dig through parts. New never used SFR aluminum drag link for the 91+ no rod ends $100 (save on shipping) Wagoneer center grill piece with turn...
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    Where are the Reno/Sparks/Fernley people at?

    There is a tow dolly in Fernley that I want to buy but would prefer to have someone check it out if possible before I make the 5hr round trip. If it looks good, I can paypal you the cash to buy it and I can pick it up this weekend. Please let me know as I would love to have this for the Moab...
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    Moab 35th event extra room for rent. $82 per night

    Hello all..... Have extra room in a 3 bedroom house for the 35th MOAB event. The House is about .4 miles south of the KOA campsite. GooseXJ88 and Twinhauler have house paid for already. It has a garage, trailer parking, and access to community pool. It is gonna be a great event. We have the...
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    (Possibly) 2 door doors and black interior pieces

    I might be willing to drag along some 2 door parts and black interior parts that I have if someone wants it bad enough and they don't sell before the event. -2 Door doors off a 96- $140 -2 Door black seats with rockers, door panels, and back seat $300 -4 Door black seats with rockers, door...
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    Looking to borrow a tow dolly for Moab (October)

    Is there anyone that is not planning on running the NAXJA 35th Anniversary Moab trip in October that has a tow dolly that I might be able to borrow? Right now I am planning on buying a used one to re-sell after the trip but it would be much easier not to have to deal with craigslist idiots if I...
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    XJ Weak Points and How to Best Fix Them Long Term

    This post technically has more of a modified air about it but all of these mods could be done to a stock height rig and not hinder the drive-ability. So because I am bored and am kind of doing these modifications on my new build anyways, here is a list of items that I feel Jeep cheaped out on...
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    Why do most swingouts go toward the passenger side?

    After looking around at a lot of tire carriers for my new build trying to find the perfect one, I've noticed that a majority (if not all) tire carriers swing to the passenger side. Does anyone know if there is a reason for this or Is it just done this way since the factory carriers swing this...
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    Really nice HO MJ on Craigslist

    Just came across this on Craigslist and looks like a super clean 91. High miles but seems like a good portion might have been towed behind a motor home.