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    Grant's new ride - not an XJ

    Just bragging a little while I find myself at the start of my mid-life crisis, I do not have the chest hair or gold chains that would allow me entry to the Corvette owners group, so I bought something faster 2004 Stohr 1300cc Hayabusa (Suzuki) bike motor approx 180HP in stock trim, 10...
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    XJ with cage - project vehicle

    86 2 door XJ with full cage for sale. Vehicle has been stripped and a full cage (1 3/4" HREW x .120) installed. No drivetrain, no interior apart from dash. Still has original axles so can be moved. some cage welds must be completed. Located in Ft Collins, CO Free delivery to Denver. Can...
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    Thank you all for a great week. Comments and suggestions.

    Just a brief thank you to everyone who helped make this such a great event. - ALL PARTICIPANTS. Without you guys and gals showing up there would be no event. Thank you to everyone who made the long trip out to Colorado. I think the longest distance travelled goes to the Loose family from WI...
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    Reporting a Post

    What happened to this feature? I know we cannot edit our posts after a certain time, like an hour I think. No problem there if that's the way the software works. But I used to use the "report post" feature to let the mods know when to delete my posts once they were no longer needed. Couldn't...
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    Provisional Trail List

    This is only a guide and is subject to change. We have not been able to run many of the trails yet, but as the snow melts we will be scouting more. Ouray Saturday - no official runs Sunday - Alpine Loop. Engineer Pass to Lake City, Lake City to Animas Forks via Cinamon Pass. Return route...
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    XJ Fest 2004 : Colorado

    The official sign up thread is now available. Sign up, join us, it's going to be the best XJ event in CO this year, no doubt. Grant
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    Official Sign-up Thread

    Greetings all, This thread is to provide some specific trail information, and also will act as the official sign up sheet for the XJ Fest 2004 : Colorado Edition. Some facts : The XJ Fest 2004 : Colorado Edition will be taking place from August 8th until August 14 2004. Please read the...
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    Vinyl Graphics - printer/cutter

    Anyone have experience with vinyl printers/cutters? We run a small race team that competes under a few different sanctioning bodies. Until now we have mainly used decals on magnetic backing. This has been fine but our decal package has grown and is now almost 20 lbs worth of decals. so the...
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    Good Press coverage

    I just received my May issue of Colorado Country Life, a magazine produced for all the rural electric assoc.'s, and the whole of the front cover is Led's XJ. A really nice article inside featuring another 5 shots of Led's XJ. Thanks to all those who attended the OCG run in March and hosted the...
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    NAXJA CO Adventure 2004

    Details for the 2004 NAXJA CO event have been posted in the trip planning section. Dates, places and accomodation are final. Trails have been decided on and will be finalized closer to the event once we have had a chance to get out and do some advance runs. Don't forget we have planned this...
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    Camping and Lodging info

    Hello all, Well the snow is falling with less frequency in the high country which means a lot of the campgrounds are starting to get ready for the summer of 2004. I have finally made contact with a few people who have been in hibernation since October, and our plans for CO 2004 are nearing...
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    UFWDA - NAXJA makes the news

    just received my newspaper from the United 4 wheel drive assoc. NAXJA makes the center spread, C-ROK makes the front page. Nice article - great coverage, nice photos. Led is a media hog and gets his Jeep featured twice and himself pictured as well. Great stuff, good press, thanks to those...
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    XJ Fest - Details

    The first part of XJ Fest 2004 will take place from Aug 8 - 14, 2004. Location Aug 7 - 10, Ouray/Montrose Aug 10 - 14, Buena Vista. Ouray is located in the SW corner of CO. Buena Vista is centrally located within the state. Ouray trails. trails will be run Sun and Monday. Trails offered...
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    Nominations for CO Chapter positions

    Please refer to JJ's thread about the order of business for our first meeting. In keeping with the agenda, I would like to nominate a couple people for the first boardmember positions. President - Tom Houston, aka old Man. Tom not only has...