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    GoPro Video from Fordyce Labor day.

    Checkout this cool video sombody shot of me at Fordyce . This obstacle got worse than before. Seems like there was a rockpile at the base last time we ran Fordyce. Think some drunk guys on 44s must have balled it out. I guess i found a perfect line no one else in my group made it up without a...

    need help at Fordyce

    broke a motor mount at drivline hill . need welder . rig is ready for welds just need a kind soul to come along..

    Fordyce in two weeks!! Aug 31 to the 2nd

    Two weeks till Fordyce!! Whos all going? the last update we had 5 confirmed . I'll be heading up Thursday afternoon to my buddys cabin in Blue Canyon for a BBQ and drinks . Lots of space to kick it and just hang . Staging the tow rig and trailer there and heading out of Eagle lakes exit...

    Bent Shackles/ Best HD 1.5" Shackle

    Bent the crap out of my RC 1.5 " shackles running Fordyce . I have longer than stock leafs andam using a relocation bracket in addition to the shackles. With those shackles my ride height and angle were just about right . The shackes just couldn't take the abuse of be droped off 3 foot ledges...


    Fordyce was fantastic, the Cherokee was a beast keeping up with my buddys SBC Wrangler on 37s . Only saw one other XJ camped ot just past the first water crossing . We wheeled almost half way to Cisco in the dark before making camp. lMy buddy likes to mash the skinny pedal so keeping up was...

    FORDYCE FOR SURE FRI/SAT Eagle Lakes to Cisco Grove

    Im loaded up on the trailer and ready for some action. Leaving around 1:30 PM to meet up in Blue Canyon Tommorw afternoon for night run up Drive Line Hill making at or near 1st water crossing. This time it on ... All my stuff is done except the stuff I forgot or neglected.. At some point...

    Fordyce 7&8 Anyone want to join up?

    Got my RCVs installed and a bunch of other goodies , time to put them to a test. Should be ready to roll Saturday morning. Like to run Eagle Lakes to Cisco Grove but I am down with other ideas. Going to trailer my heap in case something breaks I am not up shit creek. I will be running with a...

    Nitro Vs Ten Factory Chromoly Axel kits or Other?

    Need to upgrade my D30 Shafts. Broke stock stuff on my first test with lockers. These two Kits have heard good things and some bad . recomendations? if the factor ten is good dont mind only a 10 year warranty. hell I dont even know if ill have my Jeep that long. ,but do they honor it? I need...

    Axel Sleeves ?

    About to upgrade my axels. Now would be a good time to install my D30 Axel sleeves that I have sitting on the work bench . Has anyone installed a set from IRO? My understanding is that Ill need to pull my carrier . Was told that they fit so tightly thst all the muck from the Axel tubes will...

    Ruffstuff Covers Installed “little carried away” Installed my Ruffsuff covers the other day. Got little carried away on the front cover with my Great White Shark paint scheme. First time I wheel it its going to get beat up. hope my pics show up cant...

    Praire City tomorrow afternoon .

    Got my 500 miles on the gears going to drain oil and install Ruffstuff covers in the morning and go play at the OHV park the afternoon. I could use some help with dialing in my setup . I am pretty much a novice at all this stuff. Looking for easy dooble stuff in the short term. Some XJ guys want...

    Flex Test , Need Limit Straps/ Bump Stops

    Flexed out my suspension yesterday with my buddies fork . With full flex my drivers side front brake line gets dangerously tight and Im drooping the coil amost out of the pocket . Passenger side nearly the same. I am using extended bumps on top and 4 hokey pucks at the bottoms for bump stops ...

    WTB 35 M/T SPARE

    Need a 35 spare I have a very good 31 A/T could trade .

    need some help w/gears and lockers plus welding

    Looking to weld trusses and install 488s and Lockers on my 01 XJ . found a shop to do the work but its a little outside my budget. I have the trusses so ill need to buy the gears & lockers plus any other needed parts . I am looking for a competent welder and someone t o set up and install the...

    Tire advice??

    Ok ,been awile since I posted ,but I am doing a lot of upgrades next month and need advice on tires. I have an 01 with a POS junkyard lift. RC 4.5 adjustable lowers with RE 4.5 coils and 1.75 spacers I have 2" blocks in the back in addition to the 4.5 RC full leafs. Upgradeing to IRO long arms...