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    Problem Found: NAXJA logo missing

    That's what happens when Glenn gets lucky and calls me on a Friday where I was expecting a six hour conference call to do a file migration in DC but it got cancelled.
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    Problem Found: Member's Chat is not real-time

    It's not a real chat as I recall. It would be better for them to have called it something like "quick PM" as it's just using the infrastructure of private messaging.
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    Problem Found: NAXJA logo missing

    FYI the logo should be showing up everywhere. For now it's just pulling form the main site. When the real migration happens we'd target it to a proper URL.
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    No ad banners?

    Ads are working now. Cruise all around the site and try to find places where they don't render.
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    A testing thread from my iPhone

    Yes, it resizes to a max of 2400x2400
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    Facebook test

    Account deleted.
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    Facebook Test 1

    Note above user deleted for further testing.
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    Registered User Test

    I'll add that to the list but it could have to do with this being a dev site. Even if it's not I'm wouldn't classify that as a bug that would stop a rollout, though, we can figure that out afterward if needed.
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    Harlan trip!

    Unfortunately not. Still on the pending list so that it's released looking good are banners, a little more R&D with image hosting, some video questions (probably a non-starter there), look and feel cleanup, and Facebook/Twitter integration off the top of my head. I'd also like to get a chat going.
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    Harlan trip!

    Reply check.
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    A testing thread from my iPhone

    This is a test.
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    This ain't no XJ...

    2016 Yamaha Super Tenere I've been thinking of getting a big adventure bike for a few years now but if you had asked me about it last week I'd have said "yeah, I'll probably get one eventually" Got this Tuesday. Boy it's fun.
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    Have you joined or renewed yet? The pressure's on!

    We're coming to the end of the membership drive and so far we're not winning. We can do better! If you haven't joined or renewed yet now is the time. Get your friends to do so, too! Let's get this done, SoCal.