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    Parting out ZJ

    I'm parting out a ZJ, it's compete at the moment. 5.2 AWD. PO over heated it and cracked the heads. I have a head gasket kit for the motor but I'm unsure of its condition. Interior is in decent shape. Located in Whidbey Island can text pictures.
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    Hello Socal (old guy checking in)

    Hey fellas/carol, just thought id check in and say Hi. Im in WA state right now and im coming home for new years, driving down so thought Id offer up a boarder to boarder parts train opportunity. Driving a ram hemi so I'll have room for most anything. Merry Christmas to everyone
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    8.8 shafts and backing plates

    Hey SoCal, I'm headed down for the weekend and have some left over parts that I'm trying to let go of because I sold the jeep. Anyway I have a set of 8.8 shafts 31 spline and backing plates and caliper brackets. Would like to get 60 for the whole lot. I am driving from WA to san Diego so I can...
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    WTB 6+ inch coils

    Need a set of coils 6-8 inch. There are slim pickins back home, if you have a set hit me up. On a side note either need to be cheap or willing to accept a payment plan. My trip down here got me for 800 in gas alone(round trip). If you can help me out let me know. Thanks Paul
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    back in town

    Hey fellas and Carol lol back in town for my neices wedding on Thursday. Wanted to see if there was any interest in getting together on Wednesday. I'm staying in MoVal but planned on riding down to san diego Wednesday afternoon and get in some good weather riding, its been raining for almost a...
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    Parts train offer

    Public service announcement, I am driving to San Diego for a wedding next weekend. If you need something moved between Bremerton and SD let me know.
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    Part train available

    Hello SoCal friends just wanted to let you all know that I will be coming down to san diego for a wedding around the 15th of this month. If you need something moved along the I5 between the northern and southern boarders let me know. Take care Paul
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    Hello strangers

    Just wanted to stop in to 1. Say hi to my friends, and 2. To ask for some help. I recently bought a bike the pic below was pre carnage. Anyway I laid it down on monday(cried a little, ok a lot) rather than try and find all of the parts and do the work myself I decided to file a claim with my...
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    WTB Nook Color

    Looking for a nook color. Please pm me if you have one that you are interested in selling.
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    8.8 brake help

    I recently installed an 8.8 in my jeep however I didnt have the backing plates so right now I don't have an e-brake. Got a set of backing plates now and need some help assembling them. Request some detailed pictures of the e brake set up to assist me in getting them put back together. Any help...
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    Looking for good exhaust shop (Bremerton)

    Looking to get a good cat back system for my burban in the bremerton area. If you know of a shop that dose good work please let me know.
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    Best bang for the buck burban upgrade

    Looking for some more ummpff out of my 03 suburban with a 5.3. I had an 02 Avalanche with the same motor which had a k&n CAI, cat back exhaust, and a super chips programmer. With that setup I was able to squeeze out 17.5 MPG, currently the burb is only getting 15 at its best. Looking to spend...
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    Tax return wish list.

    As tax season approaches us just wondering of those of us who are fortunate enough to get money back how you plan to spend it (on your jeep). For me tax time is usually the only time I can afford to repair/upgrade my vehicles other than normal routine maint. So for the jeep my plans are. Must...
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    The other day the wife and I were watching a show about panning for gold and thought that it'd be something that the kids may enjoy doing other then watching TV or playing on the computer. Was looking online but couldn't find any real clear answers as far as where we could pan or if there was a...
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    HID Help

    Just installed a set of HID head lights and have a little issue. The lights come on fine but when I go to turn them off they dont turn off, I suspect this may be due to the valet switch. Need help locating it. This is a 97 XJ