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    LOW Pinion Dana 30

    I'm looking to do a solid axle swap on my 88 Ranger, unless you plan to run a lot of lift its easier to fit the low pinion D30. Anyone have one near Albany NY? I would drive a couple hours if needed. I want the whole assembly if possible, knuckles etc... Thanks!
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    Who knows alot about AW4's?

    I broke the little stub off the side of the manual valve rod. Its the little thing that the NSS is attached to on one side and on the other the shift linkage. The shift linkage side threads all sheared off. I have an extra transmission but I cant figure out how to get it off. I pulled the valve...
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    4x4 Swap Question

    I'm 4x4 swapping my MJ. Its a 2wd, AW4, 4.0. I want to keep my current transmission since my 97 donor vehicle has alot more miles on it and my current trans is perfect. Can I just swap the rear of the tranmssion case and stuff so it will bolt to the transfer case? I cant see any reason why not.
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    Fuel Gauge Doesnt Work, 89 MJ.

    Well I went through and did a full diagnosis too, I just want to check before I bother ordering another gauge cluster if anything else can cause this since the procedure I looked up is rather vague. The problem is the gauge always reads well past full, like the needle points directly to the...
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    Moderately Built 01 XJ in NY. 4750 OBO.

    Just posting to a wider audience.
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    Moderately Built 01 XJ FS. 5500 OBO.

    Putting this up for sale again. To be honest im getting a little bored with wheeling in general and I kinda want to move onto something else. This is what it is: It's a 2001 with 84kmi on it now, I'm extremely anal about maintenance, I change out a fluid basically as soon as it starts...
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    Some upper shock mounts. Anybody think these will work?

    Kinda want to rework some of my front suspension stuff currently. For one I'm not a fan of my current shock mount setup, i'm running those JKS stud eliminators that compress the shock up like 2 inches. The shocks come less than a 1/4 inch from bottoming out when the bumpstops engage which is ok...
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    Parasitic load issue. Related to HVAC system.

    Battery on my XJ (2001) has been dieing recently, only takes about 3 hours to fully drain. Another funny issue I noticed was that the blower would not turn off when you took the key out of the ignition, it stayed on and you could turn it on with the key out of the ignition. Did the multimeter...
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    Rear output seal part # for SYE

    I need a part number for a rear output seal for a 32 spline SYE. I just installed mine and the seal leaks like really bad. I was going to call PORC to replace it but about 387278878.648 calls, messages and emails later over the course of 4 days I haven't gotten anyone to answer one of my...
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    Blue trail run, Southern VT, Oct-9th

    Have this up on a couple other sites too, but I usually dont really get any interest when I plan runs so i'm gonna try again. Just ran the trail in question last week, one of the most awesome public trails i've ever ran. It's REALLY long, goes all the way from Bennington to the Mass border...
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    Rear driveline still vibrating/grinding. I have checked just about everything.

    My Jeep has been grinding/vibrating for like the past month and a half now, it still drives "ok" and i have put prolly 2000 miles on it like this but it is driving me crazy. I have tried just about everything I can think of and I still cant find the problem. For the record I am running a stock...
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    Time for me to buy some suspension joints.

    Gonna ditch my clunky bushings and go with joints on my control arms. I've been searching around and I think I'm gonna get regular rubber bushings for the axle end and Johnny Joints for the frame end. Where can I buy good quality rubber bushings? My Rusty's LCA ones have gone bad twice in two...
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    Rear driveline vibrating and grinding alot

    Yeah this has been the case since I installed my new rear springs and gears a few weeks ago. I figured since when i did the springs I took the shims out that the pinion angle was off. Well I made the pinion angle perfect today and it is even worse, like noticeably worse so apparently the pinion...
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    Gears, 4.10's and 4.56's n' stuff.

    I already made thread for these a while back but a bunch of stuff changed. I basically got these for free and I just want them gone and to make a couple bucks so make an offer. I will ship them for not much more money. Located in Albany NY. Motive Gear, HP Dana 30, 4.10's $60 OBO Basically...
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    What more tools am I gonna need to do my gears?

    So i've been reading alot back and forth about installing gears. I've never done anything quite that complicated before but im going to be going to school for automotive so I'd feel like an idiot paying someone else to do it for me. I could devote a couple days to it if I really needed to, so I...