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    Needed Asap: MJ cab or complete truck

    Just found out my buddy was rear ended in his MJ yesterday on the fwy, He rolled it onto its lid and slid across the fwy... Looking to to buy a new truck for him asap but will settle for a cab. Doesn't matter the year as long as its straight and semi complete. Non running prefered but if I can...
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    Tire time!

    Soo, its time for new tires for the XJ, I've gotta buddy who owns a shop out here in the I.E. and has a couple options of tires in the 35x12.5x15 flavor for about the same price. First off the General Grabber Red Labels... Im usually not a fan of the flashy bling of these tires and will...
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    Help! Need Radiator ASAP

    Looking for a 91+ radiator for the XJ... It sprung a leak (again). Its my DD so I need one ASAP... Anyone have a used one laying around? The cheaper the better. I is po' right now. Thanks, Jay
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    Happppppy New Year!

    Cheers to another good year of Jeepin with good peeps!:party::party::cheers::cheers:
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    JV this weekend?

    My family and I (and a few buddies) Are gonna head up to Johnson Valley late tomorrow night or early Friday morning... There will be a lil bit of everything out there with us... Im taking my Jeep... 6" lft on 35s and two other jeeps similarly built... we'll also have our quads and dirt bikes out...
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    Hiring roofers.

    The company I work for is looking to hire 10 quality roofers immediately. Must have experience in Comp shingles Torch down Tile Tear off Must have a truck to be able to do 10-30 sq jobs Speak English For any more info please call me Jay Gomez GRD Project Manager (909)521-4066
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    FS: 4.88s and carrier

    I have a Dana 44 carrier (3.73and up) with 4.88 gears. The carrier has the stock limited slip in it. the gears have about 2k miles on em all street. (never wheeled on em) they look flawless. all the bearings are new too. Asking 120obo. I can text pics if you would like.
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    wtb Complete HO.

    Looking for a complete HO engine with all the accessories or as many as possible. After over 5 yrs and a total of over 600k (200k by me) I wanna retire my old motor. She pukes oil, but has never let me down. Thanks, Jay
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    personally know A1Racer on here? I was in contact with him a few months ago for some parts and he kinda just fell off the face if the earth. If someone could relay a msg to him or pass me his # (Lost all m contacts on my old phone) that'd be awesome. Thanks. Jay
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    WTB 10 blade Electric fan

    Looking for a good 10 blade e-fan... noticed mine is vibrating and is pretty weak. Its for my DD so the sooner ther better. Thanks in Advance. Jay
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    Needed: D44 Axle shaft ASAP!

    Anyone have a spare rear Dana 44 (drivers side if it matters) axle shaft they're willing to part with? broke mine turning into a parking spot today. LoL. No lie! Its for my DD. Im off tomorrow so in hoping to get er fixed then.
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    Needed: D44 carrier

    Looking for a stock carrier for my d44 ASAP. Gonna have to start DD'ing the XJ for a lil bit an the spool is just not gonna cut it. Need something complete (Carrier, spider gears, center pin) The sooner the better. I dont feel like buying a new set of tires in 4 months. LoL
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    wtb door locks

    Looking for all the parts to make my doors lock again. The rods in the doors and the actual locking mechanisms with keys... Im tired of people breaking into my Jeep because the doors don't lock. (3 times in a yr) Anyone have any or all of this? Pre97 if it makes a difference.
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    WTB: 12" reservoirs.

    TDS was baad to my Jeep this year... Long story short Im looking for a set of 12" stroke reservoir shocks. Thanks Jay
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    JKS shackles

    Have a pair of JKS Shackles (never been installed) Add about 1" of lift. Need bushings. (Lost em when I moved) $40