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    Colorado XJ Fest 05?

    I know it's early but do y'all have any plans for a Colorado XJ Fest this Summer? Thank ya, :wave: Michel
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    Who's coming from the greatest distance?

    I'm not sure but I think it's between 700 - 800 miles for me :shocked: . But it will be worth it to be in the beautiful Rockies once again :D :thumbup: :D
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    4" Exhaust ?

    I have a friend that just bought a new Dodge Ram Truck with a Cummins Diesel motor. It's a 4x4 and I was under it looking around at all the new shiny stuff when I noticed the huge exhaust pipe :shocked: . He said it was 4" pipe. So, my question is - is the pipe dia. large because it's a...
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    Weather Forcast?

    I know it's still several days away. But as it gets closer to the big weekend :cool: , would some of you LUCKY Colorado residence fill us in on the weather forcast for the wheelin area (not that it's a big deal)? Thanks, Michel
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    Towing a Jeep Question

    I'll probably end up towing the Jeep to Colorado instead of driving it. My question is - once I put the T case in neutral I should be able to tow it with two or four wheels on the ground WITHOUT ANY DAMAGE right??? Thanks
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    Front Diff Protection - Anyone Use These?

    Just wondering how important or needed is protection for the front diff if you are not "rock crawling"? Is that a common area to BANG out on the trails? Thanks :wave1:
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    Post Lift Question

    This is one of those good news - bad news things. The good news is the RE 3.5" lift is on. The bad news is I have a bad vibration coming from the T case area (I think). I pull out into the alley and didn't even get up to 10 mph before this vibration starts. There is about 1.5" of new shinny...
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    Lift Question Please

    I'm installing a RE 3.5" - do I need shims for the leaf springs (I'm using the full leaf pack, not AAL)? Thanks :o
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    No Rear Sway Bar?

    I'm installing a RE 3.5" lift and when I got to the rear, the instructions say to remove the sway bar and that it will not be reused. Does this sound right??? Thanks, Michel :wave1:
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    Shock Boots?

    I tried a search and found no good answers. So are the shock boots important or are they there mostly for looks? Rancho 5000's - if it matters. Thanks, Michel :wave:
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    RE 3.5" came in today

    Yea, picked up the lift kit today. I'll probably start on it tomorrow night. Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated. This is my first lift so I'm a bit green on this stuff. :helpme: Thanks for y'alls help.
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    No Jeep, but looks like fun

    Do any of y'all watch CMT (Country Music TV)? If so have you seen the Redneck Girl video by Grechen Wilson? Man is she HOT! It shows her out playing in the mud in a pretty cool Chevy Truck. I know it's not a Jeep but with Grechen behind the wheel, it's got to be fun :D
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    Elevation effect on performance?

    My XJ is a '92 with 4.0, FI & Auto. Where I live in North Texas the elevation is about 600'-700' above sea level. I'm plaining a trip to Colorado where the trails will be in the 10,000'-11,000' range. My question is will the computer compensate for this big difference in elevation? Also...
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    Rigid Front Bumpers?

    What are some thoughts on the Rigid Products? I'm looking at their front bumpers and rock rails. I talked to Terry today and it sounds like he knows his stuff. But would like to hear from y'all. Kind of in a hurry to get some ordered - I have to have the goodies installed for the NAXJA...
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    Share a camp site?

    I just tried to make a reservation for Elk Ridge area at Ridgway but was told no sites were left there. The lady says they allow two tents and six people per site. So, would anyone like to share a site and cost with me? I need Sun - Tue nights. :helpme: Thanks