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    Front TJ 44 axle housing

    TJ 44 front housing only. Has outer knuckles. Ready to throw locker and gears in. One LCA bracket is missing other than that it is good. Straight not all rusted to hell. I will bring to WF. Message me if interested $775/offer
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    open seat

    I'll be there but not sure if I will have the LJ. Too much work to do and still waiting for parts and time to do it. If the wife will let me bring hers great. But the way I drive I'm not banking on it. So to the point of the post, does anyone have an open seat if I need it? Thanks.
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    snow status at Attica?

    Does anyone know how much snow is currently on the ground at the badlands? Hopefully they will plow the campground. I'm going to have issues just getting my trailer out for Winterfest.
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    Moab Rims Rubi take offs

    I have a set of 5 Moab rims taken off an 06 Rubicon. 4 are spotless, one has rub marks on it. They may buff out. Factory MTR tires are on them 1 is never seen the road. The others have 20k on them but cupped bad. Basicly you're getting five rims with one new tire. 5X4.5 bolt pattern. Asking $500
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    241 4:1 T case

    I have a spare case out of an 04 Rubicon, less than 50K on it. has a small seal leak. asking $600 for it. I also have a few driveshafts laying around out of an LJ.
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    95 ZJ whole/parts

    95 Grand Cherokee fully loaded. I bought it for the engine and computer the rest is up for grabs. It has the OD tranny and 249 Tcase D 35 rear with disc brakes. Drivers side rocker has some damage no rust. send me an email I don't check this site very often.