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  • any luck with the engine or tranny?
    anyway im not sure if its normal but the rear output shaft on our tcase makes a weird noise when you turn it but the front doesnt?
    just wondering if it makes sense to you, maybe its normal with a full sye?
    or could something be wrong?
    the dude that is supposed to buy it is coming over like tues or weds this week
    Jimbo, did Starboard M ever contact you about the sway bar? I work in San Mateo adn might pop over to Santa Cruz to pick it up some evening... it will fit an 89, correct? Let me know. Starboard D (Dean) 925-323-
    Pretty damn good. Just sent out two today.
    Send $8.00 to

    Ben Holt
    4186 N. Gregory Ave.
    Fresno Ca, 93722
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