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    35x12.5x17 MTRs - Lot of 5

    Got 5 Goodyear MTRs. Two have really good tread, one has roughly half, two are probably quarter tread or so. I want to sell as a lot. $500 obo. Will deliver to WinterFest. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    NP231 Needed

    Before I hit the yards, anyone got a 23 spline NP231 laying around? Or one with a slip yoke eliminator installed(no hack and taps please)? Would prefer one with an sye, but stock one is fine too.
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    1998 Cherokee Limited Part Out

    Parting out a 1999 XJ Limited. Thought I could save it, but the costs kept going up and up. 4.0, auto, 242. D30/D35. 185K. Hit in the front, but everything under the hood is intact. Runs good, starter is a POS. Interior is in good shape, nice carpet, overhead console, and a non-saggy...
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    For Sale: 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport

    For Sale: 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 Automatic 4wd(NP231) Dana 30/Chrysler 8.25 186k New battery Runs and drives great! In very good condition! For the right deal, can include a set of 16" Icons + tires. $4,000 obo. No trades. Video of engine running...
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    WTB: 97+ Stock Front Bumper + Bumper Corners

    Looking to buy at least a couple stock 97+ MOPAR front bumper's and bumper corners. If you have bumper brackets too, I will take them too. Some surface rust is ok, but no rot. I have no interest in aftermarket parts, they just don't fit well enough. Would take a stock right front fender too...
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    1999 Cherokee Sport Part Out

    Picked up this Jeep a couple weeks ago. 4.0, auto, 242, d30/8.25, 143k. Engine cranks, but won't start. The dreaded 'no bus' comes up on the cluster. ECU is badly damaged, assuming that is what the problem is. Front driveshaft has a dent and a busted u-joint. Front two tires are junk(RF has...
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    1988 MJ Partout

    1988 MJ 2wd, 180k 4.0L (runs good, does leak oil) AW4 shifts good D35 Tires are meh, ok tread, steel wheels Brake light is on although pedal feels and fluid level is fine, and stops fine Interior is in decent shape(maroon) Has a sub and amp, I forget the specs, don't know if they work due to no...
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    2001 Jeep Cherokee Part Ouy

    Picked up this Jeep today. 4.0, auto, 231, d30, 8.25. Has 258k miles It is in rough shape. The body panels all have damage or rust. The right side doors might be usable. Interior shows its age and wear. It is dirty but all there. Hood release is jammed or something, haven't been...
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    WTB/WTTF: Renix Era Gas Cap

    The gas cap on the 87 snow plow rig has a locking gas cap and that needs to go... I have discovered that a 96 cap and 97-01 caps won't thread on, so 84-89 is the only option left. If you have anything, let me know!
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    2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic For Sale

    2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic 4.0 Automatic NP231 176k D30/8.25 Cold AC Hot heat Good tires 4wd works good Picked this xj up as a rebuilder project. Got the hard work done, just needs some minor things done. Haven't driven it on the street. Minor things include: tailpipe, sunroof is inop, hood...
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    8.25 w/limited slip + more parts

    Axle had 161k on it, 3.55 gears, good brakes, will need new e-brake cables. $100. Gas tank w/pump. Was working when pulled. $50. Left front and right rear 97-01 doors, minus door cards. The LF one needs some wire splicing and doesn't have a mirror. $40 each or 60 for both. Dash...
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    WTB: 97+ Electric Fan Housing

    I have a good working fan, but the housing corners where the bolts go through are busted and missing. So if you have a bad fan and good non-busted housing, I'd take it. If you have a broken housing and still have the corners, I'd take that too. 96 and older housings don't work, tried that...
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    2000 Cherokee Sport Part-Out

    Picked up a wrecked 2000 xj today. 168k, 4.0L, 231, d30/8.25. Has factory skidplates(front, transfer case, gas tank). Front skidplate is probably pretty bent but might be usable. I *think* the front axle is ok, but not 100% sure. Hard to tell with the bumper and skidplate in the way. Left...
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    98 Lincoln Mark 8 Oil Light Still On

    So I picked up a 98 Lincoln Mark VIII w/ a 4.6L V8 , and w/148k at the auction, and it would crank, but no start. Got it running with a bit of starting fluid, but I noticed the oil pressure light was on. I thought it was weird since the engine had plenty of oil and there wasn't a heard of angry...
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    315/75/R16 Good Year Wrangler MTRs - set of 4

    Got a set of 315/75/R16(35s) Good Year Wrangler MTRs on 5x5.5 Dodge Ram wheels. Was going to put these on my XJ, decided to stay on 33s. These would be good for a trail rig, not sure I'd put them on a daily driver. They all have some dryness in the tread. Two are in good shape, but the...