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    My New Ride... LOL

    Okay sold th eother heep and picked this one up last night. No I am not going to sell it for a while.. It has a budget boost aftermarket wheels...anyone want them? lol custom front bumper. It needs first and formost brake pads then a radio, antenna, seat covers
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    The Search is over but....

    I got an 87 tonight...good news it is already lifted, only has 187K miles seems to run pretty good and no issues with DW Now the bad needs tires BAD, wiring is a little messed up and no gauge lights and tail lights. Will be a good project to work on. Will post up pics tomorrow
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    UGH! the search for a new ride

    okay so I am jeepless at the moment and have been searching fro a new one. Looking on craigslist and find this moron selling a 98 XJ 2WD. I say moron because he a arguing with me about Jeep only ever put V6 motors in any of their vehicles and I don't know shit. His daddy works for a Chry...
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    I'm BACK!!!!

    :firedevil:moon: Maybe I can keep the heep together long enough to go on a run this year. The little one is 10 weeks old so he will be ready to wheel this summer.
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    Yep been MIA will be MIA more. I have been in and out of doctor's office & hospitals since last Nov with Back, knee & sinus infections that I can't get rid of. I also found out yesterday that I am pregnant so I will most likely be out of the Crawl this year. I really hate that cause I have not...
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    Count Down

    75 days till I am there:jester:
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    I'e gotten a few calls & PMs asking if I know what the cost is & when registration will be posted up. We are 3 months out & usually shirt places like a 3 to 4 week lead on orders.
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    Not tech forums

    Sorry but I am going to start moving the tech threads to the tech forums its getting worse. a few here & there was okay but we have tech forums tech Qs should be posted there.
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    User in need of help

    Seems I've been banned from NAXJA for no apparent reason. This is the only email address I could find. I apologize for sending it to you, but if you could forward it to the correct person, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, -Josh email: I have it if you need it User Name: jdunning
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    Pre Run

    When y'all want to do a pre run to see what all is around? 1st or 3rd weekend in March?
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    How many?

    Thread in the WF forum got me to thinking...How many of the SEC Summer events have you attended. '00 & '01 were XJFEST '02 - Present called Cherokee Crawl This year will make number 10 for me.....
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    Happy Birthday ROBZ95Xj

    Have a good one :party:
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    UGH Rant about my SIL

    I just got a call at work from the School Nurse because my niece has a temp of 102* & her mother can't be contacted.:dunce: The only reason the nurse called here is because we went to school together & her daughter comes to this day care so she knew where to find me. I called my SIL with no...
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    Cherokee Crawl 2009

    When: July 2-4 Where: Morris Mountain ORV Stay tuned for more info
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    Happy Birthday Ghost

    Happy Birthday Darlin :kissyou: :party: :smootch: :party: