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    Can't find Mopar Crankshaft Position Sensor

    I can't find a Mopar one. The dealer says they are discontinued and they just get theirs from Napa. Who made Mopar? What brand would you suggest as they all look like they came from China most have lots of bad reviews. Omix-Ada? My symptoms. 1989 MJ cranks and spins, but no fire...
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    Cheap shocks for 4.5" lift?

    Anyone have suggestions for cheap, relatively soft shocks for a 4.5" lift? I can get four cheap stock height shocks for under $75, but anything for "lifted" starts at $50 per shock. It's an 89 MJ with a Rough Country XJ 4.5" lift kit on the front, and spring over in the rear. When I did the...
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    Insulation above the headliner?

    Many years ago, I recovered my headliner. The original foam backing was crumbling so I just wire brushed it off. Over time I've been ignoring the occasional wet spots from the condensation between the roof and the headliner. I've pulled the headliner again and I've got a bit of rust up there...
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    Source for Transfer Case Rebuild Kits?

    Looking to rebuild a 1993 NP242 (from a ZJ) to go into my MJ. Anyone have a recommendation for where to buy a master rebuild kit and chain? I'd like to avoid Chinesium made bearings. I'm looking at the MR-1 from -Chris
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    231 to 242 Xfer Case Swap Question

    I've got a NP242 from a 93 ZJ I'd like to rebuild and swap into my 89 MJ behind the 1998 AW4. Based on the guides for snout length and spline count (23), I'm pretty sure it will bolt up. I have two questions though. 1. How do I determine if I should replace the chain? 2. The 242 has the...
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    I need to replace the injectors in my 89 MJ. Since it got really cold (5*F), I'm getting that telltale whiff of gas in the morning and it's taking longer to start. Sure enough #1 was wet when I looked. Might be just an o-ring, but they're rusty as well. I did a whole bunch of searching and...
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    Resealing outside cabin vents

    Onward in chasing leaks. I just put new weatherstripping under the cab vents on the B pillars. The old weatherstripping was still there, but getting kinda crumbly with. There was plenty of dirt and a wasp nest under there, so I expect that was probably leaking as well. Not sure what idiot...
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    Re-Seal Rear Window?

    I'm getting some water on the floorboards, and it looks like it's coming from around the rear window where it seals to the body and running down behind the corner trim. How hard is it to pull and reseal that window? Or should I just try to lift up the rubber outside trim and recaulk? The...
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    Advice Wanted - Rusted out floorboard

    1989 MJ. I finally got around to pulling out the carpet. I was expecting a little rust, not holes on the drivers side. Turned out those brown stains on the carpet were not from my boots. :{ Looking for advice on the repair from sopmeon who's gone through this. I'm thinking trim up the rusty...
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    Bad PS Pump. Replace Steering Box too?

    I found out I had no power steering when I went to make a hard left turn at the bottom of a hill. Bit of a crap your pants moment there.... I'm pretty sure its the power steering pump. If I rev the engine up to 2500, I have power steering again, but otherwise it's like the engine is off...
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    Cracked Exhaust Manifold

    I just picked up a used 4.0 for the 89 MJ for $350. Professionally rebuilt 25k miles ago. Looks like the exhaust header was welded once, and it's cracked pretty good again. Any recommendations on a replacement? Can I use an exhaust manifold from a newer model? The newer HO ones are under...
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    Source for Fuse Box Connectors

    A long time ago, someone (5-90 maybe?) posted a link for buying replacement connectors for the fuse box. These are the connectors inside the box that the fuses insert into. Anyone still got the link anywhere? I've got a couple broken and most of the others are pretty corroded from a previous...
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    FAQ - Source for Replacement AW4 Solenoids

    I see this question quite frequently, so I'm posting some info using some oft searched terms. I don't claim credit for finding this info as someone else posted it and I just scabbed it. The AW4 is made by Toyota and is also called A340 or A340E. A generic shift solenoid which works in this...
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    Bad 89 Ignition Module

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I want to confirm. The patient is an 89 MJ 4.0l that cranks but doesn't start. 100% sure its not the CPS. It measures good at 197 ohms, and I'm getting about 0.5 volts a/c cranking. I have voltage pulses at the injectors (also confirms good...
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    Passenger side oil leak from head gasket?

    I'm trying to get my 89 MJ oil tight again. It appears to be oozingfrom the head/block junction along the passenger side. I've clean everything up a few times and that's where new oil shows up. Its not the typical valve cover, oil filter adapter, or RMS and they've all been done. Its dry...