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    XJ Maroon/Red Interior

    Have a 1991 4 door that I'm pulling the interior out of. Its dirty, but it seems to be in decent condition. I'm offering the trim and the carpet at OBO. Pick up only unless you have something to trade. Then when can talk about delivery, lol. I will post more if there are any parts that are...
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    15x8 Window D Rims (4) for Cherokee

    Well, since the Jeep is up for sale, might as well sell the rims too. Comes with the center caps, and some tires that don't have much tread on them. I believe 31s. $200obo. Located in Sherman, Tx.
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    1995 Jeep Cherokee 4.0/AW4/231/8.25!!!

    As title states, selling my '95 Jeep to get a more dependable truck. Really sucks since this Jeep has some much potential and I hate for it to be destined to the scrap heap as a trade in. Really wanted to hang onto it but may not be able to. Here's the details: 4 Door White Exterior Grey Cloth...
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    Where to buy metal

    So I tried looking at Lowe's and Home Depot, even Tractor Supply, which actually didn't have a horrible selection, but not what I'm needing. Anyways, does anyone have suggestions/experience as to where to buy metal from nearby? Looking for 3/16 2x6, some various round tube, and some 1/4 2x2...
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    FS: Fender Guitar w/Amp

    Alright guys, I have a Fender made in Mexico Stratocaster in the Sunburst. It was hardly played on, still has the sticker on the pick guard. Also, comes with a Crate RFX-15 RetroFex amp, cable, and gig bag. I'm looking to get $450 (which is what you would pay for the guitar alone) OR I'd...
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    WTB: Factory "Red" JK Shocks

    Looking for a set of the factory red shocks off a JK. I know most shops simply toss them out after doing a lift, so if anyone has the hook up, let me know, I'd be willing to pay a small finders fee. -Eric
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    350 SBC

    Well, trying to sell off my 350 now that my '71 Chevy is gone. Bought it over a year ago from a guy I knew. Was going to toss it in my '71, but things changed and now I have no need for it. Its a 350, from oil pan to intake GM Goodwrench crate engine 290hp. I have not cracked it open to see...
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    Another "what I need/want" list

    Well, I figure since there are a few of these posts, why not. Not looking for handouts, just trying to do what I can on a budget, figured start here first before paying full price on new stuff. What I need/want is: A set of either stock or 3in leaf springs Stock coils or 3in 1.5in shackles...
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    New guy introduction/lookin for parts

    Hey guys, new here and figured this may be the best spot to ask where to find jeep parts at the local(within 100 miles) junkyards. Right now I'm looking for leaf packs and any kind of "rainy day" parts. I've been to the Pick n Pulls in Dallas and Fort Worth about 3 months ago, and what jeeps...