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    Slow temp rise

    I've got a 2001 Sport. 4.0/AW4. It only gets driven on weekends and special trips. Last summer it suddenly started doing the heat soak, P0303 bit, along with temps getting a bit high. so I rebuilt the cooling system. I never saw over 230 deg on my Scangauge. So, I installed a new radiator, water...
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    Scangauge shuts off after random minutes

    Hi, I've been using a ScanGauge II on my 2000 XJ Sport, and after a period of time it just shuts off like it isn't getting power anymore. The time ranges from 5 minutes on up to as much as 30 minutes, but if I'm driving far enough, it always shuts off. The ScanGauge itself works great. I also...
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    Front Draw-tite receiver hitch

    I have a never been used Draw-tite 65009 front mount receiver hitch. Fits any XJ or MJ from 1984 to 2001. It cost about $110 when I bought it. I ended up buying a custom Rigidco bumper that could be used to mount a tow bar, and never got around to using this hitch. I would like to get $75 out...
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    Wanted: Steel wheel w/tire would be nice

    Wanted: A steel XJ wheel that I can use for a full size spare. It would be nice if I could find one with a 235/75-15 tire on it that was still in good enough shape to be a spare. Thanks!