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    D30 Aussie Locker 200.00

    Dana 30 aussie locker for sale, long story short I bought it two months ago & put in my zj, my wife hates it and wont drive it for the winter. Never been offroad or used for anything other than test driving. All paperwork is included, no missing parts. Anyway this is the locker...
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    topless for tatas 7

    any of you guys want to attend its a great event for a great cause.... check it out, if you want to sign up i will be a trail guide for blue/black trails look for my name & join in.....
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    Jeep Control Arms TJ XJ LJ ZJ - $150

    I have a full set of front control arms for a 3"-5" lift..... lower arms are rough country, see link upper arms are rustys...
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    bunch of lift stuff & D30 axle complete

    complete HPd30 from a 98 xj, abs 3.55 gears, will deliver locally 150 range budget boost parts, with control arms, take all for 100 I have a good, go wheeling set up for a cherokee xj, there is one pair of V8 zj coils. Also I am selling my leaf spring collection, you are looking at at least...
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    Rausch Creek Wheeling Oct 11

    Be up there with a few folks that day, anyone wants to get out and wheel let me know.....
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    super old school stock rims

    best rims and tires ever made one has a tire!
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    Nac Fest Lots-O pics vids

    where are they at??? we have a interesting trip saturday.... ran thru trail 2, meandered over to crawler ridge, took j, j1 over to the west property, headed down 14 across rock creek and thats about where we made it..... so we made a bunch of calls & ran up to the office...
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    Topless for TaTas

    Any of you guys have any interest in this event or plan on going? I was going to talk to the organizer and see if they will let us get a group of 5-10 people to go if I could get the interest? Its a good event for a good cause, great dinner, raffle etc.... let...
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    Big Ben

    Happy birthday
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    OvertheHIll XJ

    happy birthday man
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    Driveshaft vibe ideas

    This is not the first or last time this will happen im sure. Anyway I installed a lift shackle on top of my current lift and re-arranged my leaf pack. Soon as I did, driveshaft starting vibrating above 55. I had a 4deg shim in, took it out. Tried no shim, then tried 2deg shim and now i have a...
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    (7) 35x 12.5 x 15 mud rovers $500

    I have (7) 35's with (4) jeep 5 x 4.5 15 x 10 AR 39 aluminum rims ready to go. What you see in the pics is the following..... (3) Tires with almost new of the tires has a vulcanized (repaired sidewall) (3) Tires with half tread. (1) tire that was a spare with about 1/4 tread. All...
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    jan trail ride

    we finally made it up to rc over the weekend, they had about 3-4 inches of snow up there... went with my good friends from the jeep fiend club and met some of the naxja folks from NY. Conditions were pretty decent, there was ice, and icebergs in the mud holes, we got to see a good bit of the...
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    Protofab Pre-Runner Bumper xj

    Protofab Pre Runner bumper for sale, fits 84-01 jeep cherokee xj. Bolt in part, weighs only 45lbs, made from 2" .120 wall tube. Nice part, expensive to buy new....currently painted with herculiner, no rust. I got it new and ran it for a few years, so it has some trail rash on the underside, but...
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    December RC Trail Ride

    Gonna be time for a winter ride soon enough, gonna give it a shot planning in advance with anyone that is willing to make it, this should be far enough in advance that some people will go..... This is a rain or shine, snow or whatever ride. Want to head up the second weekend of december. Post...