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    Long's Ranch, Llano July 23

    There's a group of us goin out there for a get together. You guy's aare more than welcome. I'm hotel camping, but you are more than welcome to camp. Directions and park info can be googled Long's Ranch Wheelin. Holler at me if you need more info
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    need leaf springs

    I need a set of xj leaf springs. IF anyone has a set around the Waco/Austin area Let me know
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    Anyone near Padre Island

    A few friends and I are plannin on making a trip to the beach. Trying to find a place to store our tow rigs. Any help would be appreciated. As things jell we'll post up info and invites. Thanks
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    K2 opening weekend?

    The first weekend of Feb. is the opening weekend of K2, I plan on making the trip. If anyone wants, meet me there and have a drink. As a matter of fact, see me there, mention how awesome my cherokee is and get a free drink
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    15x10 5 on 4.5 wheel 20$

    I have one black steel 15x10 rim, for sale, $20. OBO
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    copperhead fab beadlocks 15" 5 on 5 1/2

    I'm sellin a set of four, lets make a deal, those of you with 5 on 5 1/2 bolt patterns.
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    NP 242 and auto from an 87

    I've got a 242 and the auto transmission from an '87 xj, $75 bucks a piece, or 130 for both. Or somethin. Located near Waco
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    Wheelers for the Wounded May 1st

    There will be an event held at Hidden Falls the first of next month. I'm not allowed to play on the computer very much. However, this is a great cause, and should be pretty fun. The Wheelers for the Wounded San Antone chapter has a site with all the info, Hidden Falls has the info on their...
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    KILLER DEAL ON An 8.8 $500

    spooled, 4.56 disks. It's on Centex Offroad Militia in the sale area. I want it, just bein cool about it.
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    Burtstock 1 party at Buckholts

    Jan 15,16, 17 in Friday evening, out by noon on Sunday. Location Buckholts Texas, if anyone is interested let me know, I'll get the directions for ya
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    fullwidths out of a '97 dodge

    I got a set of 1/2 ton fullwidths out of a dodge, brake to brake, with steering links. I'll get the gear ratio Monday, stock, probably 3:55. If anyone is interested they're a d44 front, chryco 9.25 rear. If not I'll use them to trip over in my garage
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    $200 xj

    found a '87 xj for 200, needs some wiring work, ran when they parked it, damn squirrels. I'm gonna go check it out today. The body is straight, I'll get some pics up if anyone is interested
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    The Police

    I'll try to explain my views, and listen to others. My father has been a cop in some form for over forty years. I'll relate a few stories, to try to help others see my side. I've also been an outlaw. I remember he came home once, and was shaken. Seems he went to a roadside park where one of his...
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    Trailer parts

    I have a friend that has a shop, got a line on axles hub to hub for 100$ come with pads (not welded on) lug studs and nuts, no u bolts, wheels with 8 ply tires for 85$. If you're near the Waco area it's a killer deal, the cheapest axles I could find were 110$ before tax.
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    D44 for sale

    I've got a d44 out of an '87 it's a posi carrier, 3.07 from drum to drum, the housing has been cleaned and painted, drums need to be cleaned, painted and put back on. The brakes are good, no inspection cover on the diff. I've decided to go a whole other direction on axles. I'll sell it for 200$